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Voting. The basic definition of it is that of expressing a preference for a candidate for office, or for resolution of an issue. In other words, voting for something you like or want, to win.

Granted these days no matter what your politics are too often it turns out to be more of a case of voting against something, rather than voting for something. So picking who or what you actually want to win over anything else obviously can be a difficult task. Which is also likely why it is that US voter turnout ranks at the bottom compared to all other large countries.

Yet, people love to vote. To admittedly over simplify this issue though, the reason why most people choose to not vote on politics is due in part to how people would much rather vote for the trivial or inconsequential over that of the truly important, especially if you make it real easy for them to do so.

Think about this, the 2008 Presidential election turnout was the highest it’s been in 40 years with over 131 million total votes cast. With so many factors at play it was considered to be one of the most important Presidential races ever held, and yet that number reflected only 63% of all registered voters. Obama won.

Then, even though only 30 million people watch the show, the very next year over 624 million votes were cast to determine who won “American Idol”.

Folks, that’s more than twice the entire US population voting for a show that had Ryan Seacrest and a 50 year old Laker Girl on it. And I bet you can’t even tell me who won Idol that year. I can’t, and I just looked all that up.

Point is that if you give America a voice that can be heard from the comforts of their couch and then let them cast their vote repeatedly, it apparently only takes less than a tenth of the population to shout and shout until you get to where -even if the vast majority of the rest of us don’t even know what all the shouting is even about or why- it ends up looking like everyone in the entire country ended up voting at least twice for, if you’re counting all the heads in the room.

Kind of scary to think about, isn’t it.

The thing of it is though, Cleveland and voting trivially, just like the rest of America , is really no different at all.

Sure our politicians have recently been found to be corrupt liars and a few have found a way to somehow be even worse than that, and our cities infrastructure looks neglected and poorly planned, and in some areas it simply looks as if it’s outright crumbling. But does all this get people out and shouting for change? Nope, not really.

Create a chance though by opening the vote up to the fans to have Peyton Hillis on the cover of Madden NFL 12 (an honor that mostly up up until this year was reserved only for the best of the best), and we’re all in. Even though he never put 3 good games together in a row all season, didn’t rank in the top 5 of any significant statistical category for his position (except fumbles, which he lead the league with), is realistically about the 10th best running back in the game (when he can stay healthy, something he’s never done and something the curse of the Madden cover should have  Browns fans somewhat concerned with who voted on this), and all the while played for a team that only went 5-11…and well, forget you Aaron Rodgers and your MVP Super Bowl win, and your having been only another Tom Brady magical year away from the regular season MVP as well. Yeah, forget all that, Cleveland’s voice must be heard!

And that’s not the only instance where our city got out the vote. Now we regularly only get out there to a tune of about 300 thousand for each general election (even with the aforementioned known state of things), but when a petition went around to bring the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Museum to the shores of Lake Erie, twice that many of us got on board and helped make it so the birth place of rock and roll had what it saw as its birth right. Of course it’s going on 16 years since the Hall opened its doors and these days whenever the name comes up we mostly only hear about fans frustrations over Rush and Kiss not being in yet, or even more ignorant complaints arguing that the induction ceremonies should be held here every year.

All of this has taught me something though, Cleveland. And as I sit here launching the Defend Cleveland Show’s companion website (an effort now 3 years in the making), I’ve got just the thing to get your vote going again as it is oh so capable of, even if it in someways and sometimes, smacks right in the face of logic.

What I’m talking about is the 2011 MLB All-Star Game fan vote which 100% chooses the starting lineup. And looking at it, it’s honestly a situation that borders on being too good to be true for what we’re capable of if we set our collective minds to task.

The impetus of this idea before we get into it is of course Asdrubal Cabrera and the near MVP level of play he’s given all year for your Central Division leading Cleveland Indians. However, no matter how much of a given this selection should be, going into this past weekend he somehow trailed Derek Jeter for the starting role at shortstop by nearly 300 thousand votes (Jeter: 1,931,670 (Asdrubal Cabrera: 1,647,802).

At this stage with Jeter, who’s having the worst year of his career (following on the heels of last year which was then his worst year ever due to the same reason), he’s clearly playing on a borrowed clock as his play is showing all the signs of father time catching up with him. Make no mistake about it, he’s a Hall of Fame player and one of the absolute best ever to take the field. And I don’t care how weened we are to hate all things NY related around this city, this fact of his greatness should not go unnoticed nor without its proper respect. But due to being almost as old now as Paula Abdul, he’s no longer one of the top 6 or 7 best shortstops in the AL, yet alone in the discussion of representing the best of them all.

The fact that he’s ahead of Asdrubal is simply an outrage.

As I got to think about the ease of voting online at after I had done it myself to help correct this mistake though, I got to extrapolating the notion of voting Cleveland a little further. I mean it, it literally only takes 5 minutes to vote 25 times for your favorites online. LITERALLY, only 5 minutes. And all you have to be able to do is be computer savvy enough to have set up your own email account. In fact, here’s the 5 easy steps it takes to do it yourself:

Step 1 – Go to the MLB online ballot for the All-Star game by visiting

Step 2 – This is an example of just how easy Bud Selig wants it to be for you in doing this. In between where it says American League and National League near the top, click on “Highlight Nominees by Team”. Then scroll down and choose all the highlighted Indians. Honestly, I was a little insulted that Selig and Major League Baseball think so little of us fans with this option. What, we aren’t aware enough to know our own players or how to at least alphabetically find them even with the team’s name written write next to their entries? I would be insulted that is, if this weren’t a pattern of ease soon to be further illustrated and trumped by Step 5.

Step 3 – Select all the Indians players. You do have a choice here though, Jason Donald you’ll see is written in as the 3rd base option for your Tribe because when this ballot was generated back in spring training he was projected to be our everyday player at the hot corner. Thanks to an untimely injury however that never happened, and instead we’ve been treated to the sparkling glove of Jack Hannahan. Now, you can skip voting for Donald and write in Hannahan at the bottom as I have done. Or, if you really want to stick it to NY fans and A-Rod who is currently the top vote leader for the position by going ahead with the script and voting Donald, go for it. That is if that’s your style, or brand of humor (and I can’t imagine losing to a guy not even in the majors would upset A-Rod more). And I also promise you if Jason Donald were to win, pretty much everyone in the world but Rodriguez would get a hearty laugh out of it.

Step 4 – Hit the big yellow button at the bottom that says “Submit Your Vote”, then fill out the necessary info and finish your vote by pressing “Vote Now”.

Step 5 – The last step and the one I’m going to refer to as “really?!”, because it’s the easiest part of the whole deal if you want to vote your full allotment of 25 times. And really, why wouldn’t you at this point? All you have to do is re-enter the validation key code, hit “Vote Again” and then do it 23 more times. Done. You will have just voted Cleveland 25 times.

That’s it. That’s all it takes. In fact following the ease in which the MLB has made voting online for you, Cleveland, had only half of the over 100 thousand people who made their way to see the wonderful sweep of the Pirates over the weekend gone home to do just this, Asdrubal would have doubled his total votes this weekend alone.

Oh, the possibilities! Are you starting to see them?

So do your part, Tribe fans, make a dream a reality. Vote Cleveland 25 times each, share this idea with everyone you know, and let’s make this 2011 All-Star Game look like just another away game for the Indians. Or at least make it so we live in a Major League Baseball sports world that is at least somewhat just in having Asdrubal as the starting shortstop, and not some undeserved Yankee. Go now, and vote…

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