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Greg Miller understands many things, and he’ll tell you the what, how and the why of it if all you do is ask. And sometimes you needn’t even ask. A good friend of mine with whom I met in the music scene here in Cleveland years back, Greg lists frontman for the legendary Cowslingers and Whiskey Daredevils among his many ventures and is one of the more engaging folks you could ever be fortunate enough to encounter. And I say this even though for this site he’s bound to say things that I’ll argue with him about endlessly. Which fans of the show will take note of quite quickly I’m sure. That said, I won’t be censoring him in anyway, and I promise you that just like he’s done here, he’ll make it a fun and insightful trip no matter what the topic is he decides to land upon. Ladies and Gentlemen, straight from his great blog called “Nurse the Hate”,  and a Giants sweep of the Tribe, I couldn’t be more proud to present Mr. Greg Miller and his entertaining wit for the first time focused solely on the world of sports with this, his first offering of what will be a regular column for the DC Show. Enjoy -Mike James


Rooting for The Cleveland Indians will drive you insane if you let it.  I know this first hand like most of you reading this.  Sure, the ’95 Series and Game 7 in 1997 were bad.  Much worse for Indians fans will be how this season will slip away with a bunch of 4A players flailing at the ball while Legitimate Major League Baseball Players will remain on teams willing to deal.  Anyone want a Chicago Cub?  How about a Padre?  In the good old days of the Roaring 90’s when gold paved the streets, the Indians went out and got who they needed, or who they thought might at least help.  Now you have to hope for a bolt of lightning coming from a scratch n’ dent player or career minor leaguer.  It can be pretty disheartening.

I abandoned the Cleveland Indians a few years ago.  I had been a season ticket holder since 1994 when Jacobs Field opened.  Having lived here since 1989, I had a mild interest in the team until Dick Jacobs bought it, and seemed to have a legitimate plan to making it successful.  Prior to that, I went to the old stadium as an alternate place to drink, letting the horrible baseball team sort of wash over me like a syndicated TV show rerun.  I would sit in the outfield with my degenerate friends, drink flat beer from wax paper cups, and yell at Kirby Puckett.  It was so quiet out there Kirby Puckett would yell back.  Kind of quaint to think about now…

Anyway, I jumped off the Indians bandwagon when Paul Dolan made a comment after one of those “Cliff Lee for a bag of broken bats and a VitaMix machine” deals that Mark Shapiro made to cut costs.  I don’t remember exactly what he said, and I’m too lazy to Google it, but as I recall the gist of it was “Um, we don’t have any money so we have to trade away our good guys and hope the bunch of guys we get back turn into something at exactly the same time.  If we are lucky we can contend every five years or so.”

Screw that.

At my house I get every game every night thanks to my MLB package.  What’s the difference if I watch a game that is being played down the road or across the country?  If you think about it, these games are all just TV shows taped in various locations.  Just because I live here, I don’t have to support an organization dedicated to being mediocre.  I can follow anyone I want to, can’t I?  I can read any cities local paper in the morning on the web, watch their games live, and buy their gear on the web.

My girlfriend doesn’t really like to watch baseball, and falls asleep by 9:30pm every night.  That meant I decided to follow a West Coast team and watch the games while she snoozed nearby.  I didn’t want to root against the Indians, as I am not a complete unfeeling monster.  That put me into the National League.  I didn’t want to root for the Dodgers, as I’m not a front runner and kinda hate LA in general.  I didn’t want to root for the Padres, as they are basically the Indians organization on the West Coast.  The Rockies and Diamondbacks have no history, making them the Strip Plazas of MLB.  That left me with the Giants.  I look good in the gear.  I had Lincecum, Sandoval, and Wilson in my super dorky Fantasy Baseball League.  I go to the Bay Area at least once a year.  That was it.  I became a Giants fan in 2009.  (My brother, also fed up with the Indians way of doing business, became a St Louis Cards fan after a similar thought process.  We both bought gear from our respective team shops the day after the Cliff Lee trade to Philly and were both All In.)

My timing turned out to be great with the unlikely Giants World Series win last year.  Since July of 2009, I have watched probably 75% of all the Giants games.  It’s a fun and aggravating team to watch.  Like a good NE Ohioan, I like the pain of watching a team that has to struggle for everything.  Still, I can’t avoid keeping my eye on the Indians.  I will present to you on occasion an unflinching view on that team on this site.  You know when you just don’t give a shit, how you can tell people the truth?  That’s like me with the Indians.  It would be nice if they won, but if they don’t?  Eh…

This weekend I was 100% behind my beloved Giants.  I had bets out with about a dozen people, all slightly pissed off at my ability to drop the Indians like a bad girlfriend and having my new girlfriend get crowned Prom Queen.  I will gloat mercilessly while collecting on all of those bets as well.  I may even wear my Giants lid.  You can keep hoping the Indians will do something smart like pick up a bat for the stretch, but you are dreaming.  The Indians are run like a business, not like a team.  That’s the downfall.  You better hope Austin Kearns gets hot, or Matt LaPorta becomes something other than Ryan Garko 2.  There is no help on the way and this team is fading fast.

Let’s go Giants!


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