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The Travis Hafner situation…

Can someone explain to me why a “professional athlete” can’t play first base?  This Travis Hafner situation about him not being able to play in the field is extremely confusing to me.  Are you trying to tell me that this guy’s shoulder is so fragile he can’t risk throwing the ball across the diamond?  How does he do such demanding tasks as lift luggage bags, put on a hat, or say SWING A BASEBALL BAT and not collapse in grimacing pain?  Even more interesting to me is that no one in the media that covers the game asks this question.  It’s always, “Well, the Indians sure miss the pop of Travis Hafner’s bat in that lineup today.  But since they are in a National League park, it is completely impossible for him to do anything but pinch hit once.  Why, we’d be just as likely to see 87 year old Al Rosen exhumed and take a few hacks as we would see Travis Hafner even attempt to play first base.”

This is the same Travis Hafner that looks like he was built in someone’s basement right?  I think we can all agree that he is built like the proverbial “brick shithouse”.  He must lift weights every fifteen minutes, yet it is totally impossible that he can take the field.  It can’t even be mentioned in hushed whispers that Hafner plays in the field.  For God’s sake, don’t even think it.  Do you know what can happen to a man if he were to put himself at first base?  It’s a meat grinder out there!  The grisly injuries are too numerous to mention.

I’m not buying it.  Even if Hafner is a horrific liability in the field, you have to put him out there to get his bat in the lineup.  Have him stand on first base with his glove extended out ready to take a throw AT ALL TIMES.  Even if Hafner has to trot the ball back to the pitcher after catching a put out to first, it’s better than having Lou Marson bat four times a game.  If I’m the Indians, I take the spectacle of Travis Hafner running after a guy with the ball like a third grade kickball game over the idea of more at bats for anyone else they run out there at first base.

When I was a kid, I was a Phillies fan while growing up in Philadelphia.  I saw Greg Luzinski and his various adventures in left field every game.  The guy was a monster at the plate with the range of a Sub-Zero refrigerator in the field.  He makes Hafner look like Kenny Lofton.  You ever see Paul Konerko win a gold glove?  How about Adam Dunn?  Run Hafner out there and tell him not to make any wacky ass throws to third (which happens once every three weeks I think).  Plus, who wouldn’t love to see a “professional athlete” roll a baseball back to the mound every time they try to keep a runner close on first.  Play ball I say!


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