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August 2nd, 2011 DC Show Report

Maybe I’ll call this new DC Show website feature, ‘The Daily Feed’. ‘The Daily Word’? Or, how about I go literary with it -or too literary- and call it ‘Circadian Note’? Or worse, ‘Quotidian Report’. OK, maybe I should just go easy at first and list each day under its specific date. Whatever this column will eventually be called, I’m going to attempt the idea of getting at least a few words to you everyday by its means.

Now of course note that the 50-60 hours a week I still have to accomplish before I can sit down for this might make it so that the the everyday aspect may occasionally fall short of its goal. Either that or this could quickly get relegated to me just bitching about things like having to explain too often that “THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS AN ICED CAPPUCCINO!” Or my personal favorite, “HAVE YOU HEARD OF THE THIS THING CALLED THE INTERNET? WELL, I AM NOT IT.” That’s what those 50-60 hours of work I log weekly dealing with the public is about, and not the time I carve out to dedicated to the DC Show.

Besides, talking about the moronic tattoo Rex Ryan has these days instead of just a bunch of morons is much more interesting. Or, maybe not. I guess we’ll just play it out and see what happens…

So, anyway, today. And yes I’ve already had to tell someone there’s no such thing as an iced cappuccino. It didn’t much bother me too much today because the 4 home run 13 hit 9 run affair which took place in Boston last night has me feeling pretty good. Especially when you consider how rare that level of hit parade has been for the Indians over the last two months compared to that of the iced capp question which happens at least 2 times every week. In fact Tribe hitting has been so scarce it’s been exactly 2 months since they last scored more than 8 runs in a single game.

You have to go all the way back to 53 games ago to June 1st when it last happened, back to a 2011 age where the Indians had been regularly carrying around boom sticks and had just beaten the Blue Jays 13-9. Coincidentally that was also the 53rd game of the season. Their scoring more than 8 runs up to that point was a feat the Indians had accomplished 7 times already. Of no coincidence that translated to a record of 33-20 and to a team who were sitting pretty up 5 games in 1st place of the AL Central.

I called the infectious disease contracted by Cleveland fans they spread with all the winning around this time, 1st place-itis. Those were indeed good times.

Since the drought of the last 53 games though, also known as the months of June and July, they did not score more than 8 runs in any one game (and sometimes -like last week- it took them 4 to 5 games combined to score that many). Its net result was them posting a record of only 21-32 which currently finds them 54-52 and in 2nd place.

There’s no “itis” for 2nd place. It gets referred to simply as loser. Which is also contagious. You remember how popular Courtney Cox was before she married David Arquette? Exactly, who’s Courtney Cox?

So yesterday has made today fun. The fact that 5 of the runs from last night’s outpouring came against John Lackey and his 6.23 ERA which is the worst ERA of any starting pitcher in the league this year with more than 13 starts on the year (he has 18), will not spoil this  fun either. Especially since all night long there was an added bonus of checking twitter feeds from Bill Simmons which were typical of his more eloquent touches whenever it comes to any Boston team losing. Tweets such as this gem, “Booooooooo! Boooooooooooooo! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!”. Now if we can only just get him to say the same about ‘Jersey Shore’.

Within this 2 months on/2 months off cycle of Cleveland’s season however, the one thing that has been consistent throughout is Asdrubal Cabrera. This guy has literally been the difference between our following the trade deadline all last week with anticipation over what our team would be adding , to that of what it might be losing. You know, like how it’s been around here for the last 3 years?

Sorry, bad memories. I understand. Here, cleanse your palette with a refresher of just how great he’s been all year:

Even as those memories in that clip (which I recommend you mute it and play the song of your choice) are still all fresh in your mind, doesn’t it just bring a smile to your face every time you see them? Sort of like the smile you get when talking about baseball and there being a chance of a post season run for Cleveland, isn’t it?

That’s how important and great Asdrubal has been.

To throw some numbers at you before I go in how we couldn’t necessarily have expected him to be such a big part of this club you need but look no further than the 2 home runs he added last night to his now total of 19 on the year. You’ve probably at this point heard that amount of dingers already surpasses his career totals coming into 2011, but to break it down further for you let’s do this: In 3 years he had 1415 at bats and hit 18 home runs. This year in 423 at bats, he has those 19. That means that had he hit with this power over the course of his first 3 years in the league he would have come into this season with 64 home runs and not merely18.

Math can be fun. Home runs are always fun, and always a lot more fun than math.

Given that jump in production, thank goodness this is no longer the asterisk marked era of baseball of the previous 30 years or so or I would be really suspicious. Still, somebody check his hat size just to be sure. He still wearing the same size cap?

One truly fearful thing of note however, according to, this is Asdrubal last year under contract.

How about we hear next that something gets done about this issue, soon. And long term. If that happens? Talk about putting a smile to my step.

That said, here’s to more bellyaching tweets from Simmons in tomorrow’s report.


-Mike James


PS – Aside from the odd Brodrick  Bunckley story reported well here:, the Browns wore pads yesterday for the first time. And as much as ESPN the Plain Dealer and anyone else who herds the cash cow of the NFL would have you believe are headlines otherwise, that was the only real news from the 3rd day of training camp down in Berea. Go Tribe!




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