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August 17th, 2011 DC Show Report

An acknowledged poor and quick outing by your newest ace followed by 8 more hurlers called in for relief to an all told surrendering of 22 hits. Your boomsticks going off on a hair trigger missing the target to a tally of having struck out an almost incomprehensible 19 times. 2 argued to no avail blown calls gone against you that can either be called a continued lack of allowances for the simplest of modern day technology (aka – bring on better replay!), or, stated simply as a good old fashioned home field advantage. And yet, the Cleveland Indians somehow battled back and forth with the Chicago White Sox pushing the struggle all the way to 14 innings (on the first day of a stretch of 44 where they’re slated to play 45 games), only to lose on a last swing, again.

That recount of the facts and figures alone should have read as nothing other than an embarrassing defeat, not one that found your moods swinging back and forth between both hope and despair for 5 hours and 21 minutes only to ultimately end up feeling disheartened by it all. Should you feel this way about your team though as a whole? No.

How about this, maybe, in the bigger picture, you see it as more a promise of this fight to the end that the Tribe is illustrating most in last night’s game, and a fight they have illustrated to have in them all season.

Chicago no question has their number having beaten them now 7 of 8 goes of it this year. The only other thing that should go unquestioned though is how this Indians team finds a way to stay in games, and more often than not, has found ways to win them. Just not against Chicago yet.

The other day I posted on the social media doings for the show that the Tribe have averaged 1 in every 2 wins having been of the variety of come from behind wins. And even more absurdly, they have averaged nearly 1 in every 3 wins having been made the case with their very last at bat. These numbers of having a team playing from behind to win usually denotes one who’s not won very much at all and their season is over by this point, not one that finds themselves in the middle of the mix at the start of what is shaping up to be a really exciting pennant race.

These Indians are young, real young, and scrappy (I don’t even like that word, but what else would you use to describe it?). They have a handful of players they’ve relied on all year such as Asdrubal and Masterson, and then they have had the rest who have all seemingly pitched in to win at some point or another, in one way or another, and then have on to do it again and again. Throw “What if?” out the window, there’s no question this team will give you all its got. Let’s just hope it’s enough.

Speaking of hoping it’s enough, tonight, is the biggest night of Fausto Carmona’s year. Well, it will be if he finally says enough is enough and turns the tide against a club that has destroyed him this season so far. Yes, the White Sox have literally destroyed him. The line could not be worse really: 2 starts, 2 losses (and here’s where it gets crazy), 18 hits, 18 runs, all earned and all in only 8 innings of work. When I looked up that stat it might have well have just read “ouch”.

Fausto has been the Fausto of old since coming back from being a fat guy who fell down and hurt himself in Cincinnati back on July 2nd. In 5 starts since, he’s gone 3-2 with a 2.78 ERA and has looked in control the whole way. A sight for sore and battered eyes for sure. He needs to be that and more tonight when he squares off against Mark Buehrle because with a loss the Tribe will fall to a half game behind Chicago and into 3rd place.

That said, here’s rooting that doesn’t happen. Go Tribe!

In other news, on a day where it just gets worse and worse for the NCAA and its image of phony altruism, its biggest casualty in the Midwest, Jim Tressel, drove to Berea in a scarlet painted Ford Mustang with a gray stripe and a big block O on it screaming midlife crisis(s) and visited the Browns camp. Aside for Tress having been a lifelong Browns fan, as an interesting side note, former foe, former Michigan coach Lloyd Carr was in attendance too, but the tale of the tape as told here doesn’t go on to explain why both were visiting on the same day. It does say that they did keep their distance for the most part.

Back to the NCAA topic, when are they going to get called out for this gross exploitation of its athletes and athletic programs? They tell you it’s amateur and rule with a draconian fist, as such, then go on to make billions of dollars off of this status each and every year. They’re like a non-profit organization that is anything but. Pay the players, if not that, do whatever you have to do but stop acting like the NCAA is the innocent ruling party on the guilty when the only thing that is clear is that they are far from innocent themselves, and that the system they employ could not be more broken and untrustworthy.

I am writing more on this subject in depth at the moment and will have it all up and posted shortly, probably by this weekend or the early part of next week. Stay tuned.

Now back to some Berea notes, Chris Grant, GM for the Cavs and a few other from the Cavaliers organization like Austin Carr were also in attendance for the Browns practice yesterday, and Colt McCoy talked about hanging out with Brett Favre for a couple days in the off season and working on his West Coast game with one of its true masters.

Finally, along the lines of mentioning the Cavs, Delonte West (former Cav and DC Show favorite) applied at Home Depot yesterday. Say what you will, but how could you ever say that you don’t still love that guy.


-Mike James


“The Search for a Real Cleveland Sports Bar” came up empty handed last night. Mitchell’s Tavern had 4 of the their 5 sets tuned to the Tribe last night but the only television that had sound on was one tuned into the NFL Network, and get this, it was showing the Steelers vs. Redskins preseason game from last Friday?! I could not make this up. Nor would I. Nice outer rim place, cheap beer and food, free popcorn, friendly staff, but instead of the Tribe game on with sound, they had the Steelers on with sound. Well, at least Pittsburgh lost that game.

So the search continues, find me 5 places in town that play all 162 Tribe games and all 82 Cavs games WITH THE SOUND ON, and win a ticket to ride on a party bus night of it Defend Cleveland style visiting Real Cleveland Sports Bars for a great evening of fun, and a Tribe game with sound. Until that day though:

Day 2, and 0 places to go.

PS – If this were a text I’d probably put a sad face here. And if you haven’t read Hollingsworth today, get to it!


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