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Browns, version 2-1

It’s hard to get too excited about the Browns.  Sure, 2-1 is a lot better than 0-3, but it’s not like this team inspires a lot of confidence.  The defense seems shaky.  The running game is one good run and a bunch of 2 yard line plunges, and the passing game consists of McCoy dumping off to his tight ends after he looks for a double covered Massaquoi.  Still, they are 2-1 and that is infinitely more interesting than starting to talk about the 2012 NFL draft already.  “Hey Mike, long time listener first time caller…  I think the Browns should try to get that Luck kid from Stanford and most of the Alabama defense in the first round.  Maybe they could trade a 6th round pick to the Jets for Revis.  I also think they should see if Jamir Miller can still play.  He was pretty good, and maybe he still has some gas in the tank.  Thanks man.  I’ll hang up and listen.”

Here’s a few notes I had as I dozed through what was not so much a NFL Football game as an insomnia endurance test-

Colt McCoy reminds me of Jim Harbaugh when he was on the Bears.  He is a scrappy guy with some athleticism, but you don’t get the feeling he’ll ever be elite.  He’s like Chad Pennington with wheels.  If you go real old school, he’s kind of like Gary Danielson when he was on the Lions.  I don’t know if he’s “good enough”, but he’s better than whatever shit they rolled out there in the past, so I’ll take ‘em.  You really wish he could throw downfield more effectively though.   The kid is a winner though, isn’t he?  I’d rather have a winner than Matt Schaub’s stat line.

Who has a better chance of getting injured at a Browns game?  Me or Brian Robiskie?  That’s a trick question.  The answer is me.  For Brian Robiskie to get hurt, he would actually have to be taking part in the contest in some way.  It is much more likely that I get hurt by some drunken laid off Ford employee in Section 112 when I mouth off in the third quarter.  In a few weeks we’ll ask the question, “Who has been more productive as a Brown?  Greg or Brian Robiskie?  That is a toss up at this point, but I’m leaning towards me.  I sold a Halftime Sponsorship to Lexus while employed by the Browns Radio Network in 2001 that was a bigger win than anything that this particular Second Round choice has ever done.  Hopefully that dude went to class at Ohio State, because the NFL career can’t have too much tread left on the tire.  Bigger bust:  Robiskie or Quincy Morgan?  Discuss…

Is it possible for a defensive player to hit a quarterback without getting a flag thrown?  When you slow down the action to ultimate slow-mo, it looks easy to avoid hitting a QB illegally.  However, those guys are flying around out there really fucking fast.  It’s not like a guy that has launched himself at another guy coming straight at him can change his course in midair.  This weekend the NFL threw flags at everything.  They’ve gone too far with the illegal hits.  The Browns must have had twice as many first downs by McCoy getting hit than by actually gaining ten yards during play. It’s football.  Let them play.  Or write it into the GamePlan.

It’s hard to stay engaged in the game when Miami scores and CBS cuts to commercial break.  The kickoff is kicked out of the end zone.  We go back to another full commercial break.  The Browns run three horribly executed plays and then shank a punt down the field.  We go to another lengthy commercial break.  Let me say three words.  Red Zone Channel.  No commercial breaks and only action.  You can follow everything at once, and not have to watch Reggie Bush in that awkward pizza commercial (much less Deion in the fairy outfit).  The normal telecast is unwatchable.  If the commercial breaks were kept to a minimum, we could knock the game out in two, two and a half hours tops.  The Network can just charge more per spot.  The market will pay it and the product would be better.


-Greg Miller

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