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My favorite part about the Browns is that their story is always the same, just with slightly different details.  It’s like going to see “Annie” wheeze into Playhouse Square with a busload of the elderly.  The story is the same, but the cast members change just enough so the people schilling tickets can tell you it’s going to be “fresh”.   It’s not.  You know it’s not.

The lead story coming from the Browns Camp today is that “Peyton Hillis Is NOT On The Trading Block”.  Well, gosh, I would hope not.  Considering that the Browns offense looks as effective as the Go-Go Days of Doug Pederson, I would think you might be interested in keeping the only legitimate offensive weapon on the team.  It’s not like this team is trying to decide if they want to give touches to Barry Sanders, Eric Dickerson, or Adrian Peterson.  There appears to be no one on that football team that is capable of producing positive yardage except Hillis.

Isn’t it odd you can have an offensive line with two #1 picks that can’t produce any rushing yardage whatsoever.  It’s also odd this team had no interest in resigning Lawrence Vickers, that beast of a fullback who destroyed people over the last few years.  Having been close enough to the organization in the past to know that when a guy isn’t signed who appears to be a good player, that off the field we can only conclude that Vickers was either involved in running a large scale meth lab or trafficking in sex slaves.  However, I would be able to overlook a guy that had such “hobbies” if the Browns could routinely gain 150 yards a week on the ground.  “Oh, sorry to hear your sister was snatched off the street last week.  That’s a real drag man.  Still, did you see Vickers blow up Ray Lewis last week on that TD run?  Here we go Brownies, here we go!  Woof!! Woof!!”

So the Browns find themselves in the midst of their annual “Lost Season” and good players want to jump off this thing like it is the Hindenburg.  You can assume much of this distracting talk about Hillis (strep throat, hamstring injury status, lack of communication with team, etc) is coming from his agent.  Hillis needs a new contract, probably his last in professional football, and he’ll need 2010 stat lines, not 6 carries for 14 yard stat lines to get a big one.  He’s gotta get out of here so he can insert himself on a good team hungry to overpay for a missing piece of the puzzle.  And don’t get all crazy about that fact either.  Just as owners cut loose former heroes without a tear, (See ya later, Bernie), players need to be just as ruthless.  Peyton Hillis is not looking at a future of lucrative compensation as an investment banker.  From what I understand, he lost thousands of dollars to teammates last year when he bet them the District of Columbia was in South America.  (I might add, I am not making that up, not like the Vickers meth lab thing).  Peyton Hillis is very good at carrying the football.  Peyton Hillis might not be so good at things like reading and deductive reasoning.

Once again, the Browns are “rebuilding”.  This is a nice way of saying “The Team sucks at a shocking amount of positions and won’t be good next year either”.  And just like always, this organization is unable to keep their issues behind closed doors and manage personnel properly.


– Greg Miller

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