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The End of the Brian Robiske Era: Or A Look at the 2009 Draft

When you ask yourself, “How is it possible the Browns always suck when they get high draft picks year after year after year?”.  I don’t know.  I am a very big subscriber to the Blind Squirrel Finding A Nut theory, but that seems to have passed this football organization by.  You would think by dumb luck alone the Browns would have drafted some good guys, no?  One of those fourth round picks where the announcer goes, “You know Jim, I just don’t think the Browns knew what they had when they made John Doe a fourth round pick last year.  The guy has two touchdowns already in the first quarter and seems unstoppable.  What a find!”

Instead the Browns drafted Brian Robiskie in the second round in 2009, with the only potential reasoning behind it as a way to throw a bone to coach Terry Robiskie.  I can see it now.  A guy in a Browns polo shirt slaps Terry Robiskie on the back.  “Terry, let’s bring your boy in here!  He worked hard cutting lawns.  Let’s give him a shot at #2 receiver.  Let’s keep it in the family!”  The NFL, unlike a hardware store or landscaping company, isn’t a real good place to learn on the job or get in thanks to your Dad.  I know this.  Why didn’t the Browns?  Brian Robiskie got waived today, probably because he can’t get open.  “Getting open” is looked upon as a good skill to have in an NFL receiver, as I understand it.  It’s something that Mike Wallace, drafted in the 3rd round of the same draft by Pittsburgh, appears to have as I see him running around in the end zone every week or so.

I recall other dudes like myself saying, “Why the hell are the Browns drafting Brian Robiskie in the second round?  Ray Maualuga from USC is on the board!”.  As it turns out, I and everyone else I talk football with knew more than the Browns brain trust that day in 2009.  That’s probably not good as I sing in a rock band, drink, and talk shit.  I don’t analyze players for a living.   I don’t meet in a roomful of other alleged professionals to put a team together.  I watch some games on TV with guys named “The Enabler” and “Krusty”.  But even I knew that one.  Jesus.  Every time I saw USC, I saw Ray Maualuga rip guys in half.  USC guys with shovels scooped up the remains of opposing ball carriers as the TV cameras cut to shots of those buxom USC cheerleaders bouncing in their sweaters.  Meanwhile every time I saw Robiskie I thought, “I wonder if that guy goes to class.”

By the way, that was the same draft where those geniuses in Berea picked David Veikune from Hawaii one pick ahead of LeSean McCoy.  Hindsight being 20/20, I think we can all agree that might have been an error as LeSean is an elite NFL player while Veikune has presumably returned to Hawaii where he either works at a gym or as a bouncer at a club that plays techno to tourists named Kayla.

So 2 of the 7 picks in 2009 are playing for the team1.  Alex Mack and Mohammed Massaquoi. That’s not too good, is it?  From the 2008 draft where they traded everyone to get Sean Rogers, they still have Rubin.  OK.  There’s one guy.  Even if we argue that the 2010 draft was a success (which I believe) as well as 2011 (well, we’ll see about that…), you’re still screwed since no one that worked at the Browns apparently knew dick about finding good guys to play football prior to 2010.

The bottom line?  Get ready for more rebuilding in 2011!  And probably 2012.  Oh, and if it turns out Colt McCoy can’t play in the NFL, maybe well into 2013.

Go Browns.


– Greg Miller

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  1. Editor’s note: these picks were made pre-Holmgren/Heckert. Thank you, Man-genius []

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