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The Tebow Effect


Do you realize that the Jets held a two and a half hour press conference with Tim Tebow yesterday?  Not only that, ESPN Radio nationally carried most of it live.  It’s incredible.  Here’s what actually happened.  A backup quarterback was traded for two low draft picks to a team that missed the playoffs and already has a crappy quarterback.  If you put a couple of other names on this deal, it wouldn’t even have made the back page.  For example, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers traded two low round draft picks for QB Byron Leftwich today despite signing Josh Freeman to an extended contract earlier in the month. This of course didn’t happen, but the point is, had it, would anyone care?

While this may sound ridiculous, it’s actually pretty close to what the Jets did.  Well, of course, there is the fact that Tebow is viewed as some sort of Christian Crusader and the Chosen Vessel of the Lord Almighty.  Oh, and the Jets appear to be overrun by Thy Fallen Men with every bad characteristic of man you can think of including greed, vanity, lust, sloth and pride.  Throw in that New York is the most decadent city on the planet (Sorry, Vegas), and you have maybe the most interesting human interest story the NFL has seen in decades.

Tebow’s charisma and misplaced importance of what he represents has led to a bizarre series of events where his shortcomings on the field have been totally ignored.  The guy completed 46% of his passes last year.  He makes some throws that are so bad, you ask yourself if you have ever seen a pass that poor in all your years of watching professional football.  However, he makes just enough good ones, and most importantly in high profile situations, that people just seem to forget all the other misplays.  No one has had as wide a berth or received as much forgiveness from fans as this guy.  It makes you think about Jay Cutler.

Jay Cutler is ten times the QB Tim Tebow is on a bad day.  Yet, as much charisma as Tebow has, Cutler has the opposite.  You just look at that guy and think, ‘What a douche”.  Is it the facial expression?  Body language?  I don’t know, but he has to be watching all this and thinking, “I got sacked 500 times last year, and still threw bullets between defenders all game long.  This guy completed a couple of ducks late in low scoring games, and he’s hailed as a revolutionary player.  What do I gotta do man?  This is bullshit.”

The Jets situation is going to be a complete circus.  Wait a minute.  They just had a three hour press conference in March for their new backup QB.  This already is a complete circus.  Wait til you throw in Santonio Holmes bad mouthing whatever QB can’t get him the ball, Rex Ryan MFing everyone, the New York media cursing Tebow’s inevitable bad play, and the poor performance of the team.  It has all the makings of how the Crusades started.  Mark my words, there will be caravans of Born Again Rednecks driving up from the Florida panhandle with shotguns trying to “civilize” the island of Manhattan by late November.  Headless corpses of Jet fans wearing Sanchez jerseys will be strung up on light posts as New York will be unable to stop the hordes.  Angry Crackers with “15” tattooed on their necks will make the Bible belt rise again, until our industrialized might will bear down on them in a decisive battle at Gettysburg… or Breezewood, since they will all probably hole up at that Cracker Barrel there.

Meanwhile, the Browns might draft a receiver again….


-Greg Miller

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