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With #4 overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, the Cleveland Browns select…



The NFL draft is in 7 days, and you just know the Browns are going to do something to piss off the fan base.  It’s what they do.  They just can’t help themselves.  Now I would like to insert here that they might make the best football decision.  It’s not likely, but it is possible.  However, I have no doubt in my mind that whatever they do will get hardcore fans upset.  The organizations’ disconnect from their customer base and their on field football product is maybe my favorite thing about the Cleveland Browns.  They take their fans for granted, and history has shown that there is no reason not to do so.  The Rubes will be back next year, just like always.

Personally, I think they should trade down and get as many decent players as they can.  They have so many holes to fill, they would be better off getting a bunch of B+ players rather than an A or two.   If they have to use that #4 pick, they should take Richardson.  Why Richardson?  You have to be able to run the ball to win in the AFC North.  The weather sucks the second half of the year, and the QB situation is shaky at best.  If you can land a stud running back that can carry a team on his shoulders for a few years, then the pressure is taken off the shitty QB.  I bet Colt McCoy will look a lot better on second and three than he does second and nine.  There hasn’t been a back that has received as much pre-draft praise as Richardson since Peterson went to Minnesota.  A good running back like that can make plays on his own.

The “big play wide receiver” is a proposition fraught with peril my friends.  When Calvin Johnson came out, it was obvious he was going to be awesome.  That guy is a beast.  Blackmon?  Eh, I’m not so sure.  I’m not sold on those Big 12 guys.  Those wide open spread offenses inflate stats and are often an illusion.  And aside from that, how many wide receiver flameouts have there been in the top picks over the last decade, in general?  How about Darrius Heyward-Bay, Michael Crabtree, Tedd Ginn Jr., Troy Williamson and Mike Williams?  David Terrell, Peter Warrick?  Braylon Edwards? I can go on if you want…  The Browns need receivers, and their unwillingness to chase even b-level free agents is perplexing.  Even guys like Eddie Royal and Early Doucet are a big upgrade for this team.  I just don’t see the risk/reward making sense to draft a receiver at #4 though.

Many “experts” predict the Browns will draft LSU cornerback Morris Claiborne despite his scoring a 4 on the Wonderlic.  Now, I don’t think you need to be a genius to play in the NFL, but a 4 on the Wonderlic should be a cause for concern1. I’ve taken that test, and the questions are like this:  A man has three chickens and two ducks in his red pickup truck.  What color is his truck?  A) Red B) Eleven C) Both”.

While I can’t help but wonder how that young man attended classes at LSU and remained eligible, others wonder how he would pair with party boy Joe Haden.  While the fans would hate this selection, it’s probably not awful if the guy can play and understand what is being asked of him on defense.  However, we are talking about the #4 pick overall.  Even if you have some kind of learning disability that skews your test scores, we are talking about a four.  That means you got your name right and 2+2.  Hell, if you randomly guessed, you could probably get a 12.  Unless you are 100% confident that this guy will shut down the opposing team’s #1 receiver, you have to pass on him as the benefit of a playmaker on offense is much larger than an upgrade at corner.

There is still much speculation and posturing to be done prior to Draft Day.  If you are a Browns fan, the one good thing is that no matter who they take, it should be an upgrade.  The one down thing is that you know whoever they draft will tear his knee up in mini camp, or be arrested in a nightclub with ten pounds of cocaine and a transvestite hooker named “Miss Crystal”.  We’ll just have to see which one of those outcomes it is, won’t we?

Go Browns.


-Greg Miller

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  1. Editor’s note on the Wonderlic study before I allow Mr. Miller to work himself into a lather here: In a combined study written in 2009 by three professors from Fresno University, University of Georgia and Towsen University, they found after looking at 762 draftees and their subsequent first 3 years in the League, that there was no direct correlation between Wonderlic Scores and performance. In addition to that, John W. Michel PHD, the last author in the study, reportedly told the Washington Post that they only found one negative trend in the study and it only applied to the positions of tight end and defensive backs (i.e., cornerback, i.e., Morris Claiborne). That trend, which was the most profound in defensive backs, “the lower you scored on the Wonderlic, the better you performed.” So, yeah, even though the test doesn’t account for someone who has a learning disability and it’s been recently reported following the outright shameful public release of Claiborne’s score (or anyone’s for that matter, ever) that he does indeed, legitimately, have one (and it’s also since been reported that he worked out for the Browns and the team said he certainly was no dummy), a 4, on the Wonderlic, for a defensive back? Well I have a study right here that suggests he may become the greatest cornerback that’s ever lived! Now, back to Greg Miller, who’s currently licking his chops… []

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