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Has anyone noticed the Tribe are in 1st place?


It really is amazing that it is May 14th and the Cleveland Indians are in 1st place of the AL Central.  It’s hard to get your arms around exactly why no one cares at all about the Indians being in 1st place after six weeks of games1 No one is talking about it.2 No one is going to the games.3 And what is even more amazing is that all anyone wants to talk about in local sports is the Browns and the draft.

Sports talk radio hosts with call-in shows literally beg to talk about anything else but the Browns on-air. No dice. Jim from Garfield Heights wants to talk about why the Browns should have taken some guy you never heard of from North Texas St. in the Sixth Round instead of some other guy you never heard of before he was drafted three weeks ago.4

It is well documented I think the Browns will suck forever.5 This is because there is a proven track record of failure with this team that even gives the Arizona Cardinals a chuckle.  The Browns front office appears disengaged.  The owner is a soccer fan and doesn’t even pretend to care anymore.  It is impossible to sign quality free agents here because guys that play in the league know You Cannot Win Here.  Yet, here we are in Mid May and it’s still all about the Browns…

Why does anyone care?  Why does anyone think anything will ever change? Which it won’t by the way. Ever. If you think about it, Browns fans aren’t really “football fans”.  Being a football fan would connotate having an interest in on field matchups and strategy for beating other rival teams.  The Browns are out of it by the time the leaves change colors.  Let’s be honest.  Browns fans have a much different schedule of events every year then any other NFL city.  Here’s what a Browns fan does every year:


January-April 26:  Speculate about draft


April 26-Aug 1:  Breakdown the pros and cons of the draft


Aug 1-Sept 9:  Discuss the play of the new draft picks in the pre season scrimmages


Sept 9-Sept 30:  Watch team’s new players fail to contribute on way to 1-3 start and fall out of contention


Oct 1- Dec 31:  Speculate about next season’s draft while absorbing dull weekly losses


When you really look at this thing clearly, Browns fans aren’t really football fans per se, but are Draft Fans.  Mel Kiper is their Overlord.  Jon Gruden their oracle.  It’s never going to be Next Year, but it’s fun to talk about it.  Well, more fun than watching the actual subpar team that has been assembled.  That I understand.

There will be plenty of time to watch the Browns go 5-11.  That will happen just as surely as Richardson suffering a horrifying injury in training camp, Wheedon being a bust, and the never ending continuation of The Search For The Franchise QB.  Let it happen.  Until then, take a look around Browns Fan.  The Indians are hanging in there.  It’s worth a look.


-Greg Miller

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  1. Editor’s Note: The Defend Cleveland Show has had it as it’s number one topic since day one, it’s been dubbed “The Days of Woot!”, and the count as of this posting is now up to 20 days. Of course you know this though by listening to this show and not just all the standard issue sub-par sports talk out there. And, thank you for listening. []
  2. See the first foot note, and again, thank you for listening to The Defend Cleveland Show. []
  3. Big segment dedicated to this topic on last week’s show. []
  4. Example A of why you listen to The Defend Cleveland Show and the added quality it offers within the difference there can be when a show prides itself in its original content and well researched insight and facts instead of putting callers on air who are people you don’t even want to talk to in person, let alone be forced to listen to them on the radio. Need more examples, tune in to any one of these other show for but a few minutes. []
  5. Editor’s note: For said proof, you can read all of Greg’s strong work for the DC Show, here. []

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