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Let’s hear it for lowered expectations, go Browns!

Today is a good day to be a Browns fan.  On Sunday Brandon Weeden looked like a legitimate NFL quarterback.  Trent Richardson looked like a big time NFL running back.  Sure, the Browns still lost.  That’s what they do.  Still, the fans are happy.  It’s really all about managing expectations, isn’t it?

It has been a long slow evolution to where Browns fans don’t even care about winning anymore.  That’s considered impossible.  It’s now all about the team being at least entertaining while they lose.  I think that is a healthy way to look at the team.  Why get bummed out about Joe Haden partying his way off the field for a ¼ of the season and leaving no one to cover AJ Green?  Instead, look at the positive of Brandon Weeden throwing the ball further than ten yards for completed passes.  It was just exciting to see the Browns offense successfully running the same plays you see the teams that get telecast on primetime games.  “Holy crap!  Did you see that!  Greg Little caught the ball 15 yards downfield! Rewind it!  Rewind it!”

Let’s say you were a Giants fan and moved to Cleveland.  Maybe you had a good gig in Manhattan, but you fucked something up and they sent you to the dreaded Cleveland Office.  “John, normally we would fire you for finishing 78% below projection, but we need someone at The Cleveland Office right now.”  (Cue dramatic doom infused music)

John decides to go into this situation with both feet, and drives over to Dick’s Sporting Goods for a heavily discounted Braylon Edwards jersey and an orange foam finger.  By God, he is going to become a Browns fan.  Sunday he decides to go with the fellas to BW Scorch’s Wing-a-teria and watch the game.  It must be very confusing for John to see the entire bar high fiving each other like crazy when a routine out route gets completed with the Browns down by two touchdowns.  Whereas every team’s fans expect that to happen (except Jacksonville), here it’s like a 104 yard kick return for a TD.  It’s a big deal.

John will have learned the basics of Browns fandom 2012.  It’s all about baby steps.  Guys taking back punts all the way don’t even faze us anymore.  A kazillion offsides penalties?  Whatever.  Unless some guy runs the wrong way or is actively trying to throw the game, Browns fans will hardly notice.  A four yard gain on a sweep?  Who’s buying the Jäger shots!

I think we can all agree that this year’s Browns are not a very good football team.  There is no way in hell I can imagine them winning more than five games.  It’s really no problem though.  You have to have an attainable goal.  If they stay healthy, they just might be more interesting than the 2011 Browns, and let’s face it, that is a radical improvement.  I can’t imagine any reason at all to have watched the Browns last December unless, like me, you are a degenerate gambler that had placed a gigantic sum of money on the UNDER.  While that was like having an ATM machine installed in your house, it’s still not very fun to watch.

Weeden and Richardson calmed down a lot of dudes in rubber dog masks yesterday.  Sure, it was against a Cincinnati team that appears to have no answers for anyone defensively, but the Browns will take it.  There was a lot of pressure on Weeden to perform especially, and he met the challenge.  Kudos.  This week against Buffalo at home, they have one of the few games circled on the schedule as a possible win.  I don’t really care if they win or not, but it would be nice to see them lose 31-28 instead of 31-6.  By the looks of last Sunday, I think they can lose in entertaining fashion.

Who knows?  Maybe they even win.

Baby steps.


-Greg Miller


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