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Here’s an article from yesterday in Yahoo!Sports that was sent to me by a regular DC Show contributor about Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe and how, as a heterosexual, he has posed for ‘OUT Magazine’ to help speak out in support of same sex marriage.
Overall, kudos to Kluwe for taking action in standing up for same sex marriage, something he already made national news with a few months ago when a Maryland Republican tried to side step the First Amendment.1 This Show obviously shares Kluwe’s belief on same sex marriage and has spoke out about it many times before with much the same substantiating talking points he’s used, points that really suggest just how much this backwards world we’re living in often insists we remain in the puritanical dark ages, i.e., the same age which endorsed slavery, woman as less than man, and basically, the general attitude that too often regards simple education and rational common sense as the work devil. And it really is simple. People are all equal, should be treated as such, and love between them should be treated the most equal of all. Period.
Few things though, and don’t get me wrong here, as I said, I’m clearly with Chris Kluwe and hope his speaking out is not only heard, but also encourages others to join him in this effort. Only real problem is, who’s Chris Kluwe? He’s what again, a punter? I bet 90% of the football world can’t even name the punter on their favorite team yet alone care what a guy punting with a Vikings helmet on has to say. I mean, if a quarterback, star receiver or any real player of note who regularly makes headlines while playing the game made this stance, that would be one thing, that’d be a story! But a punter? In Minnesota? Is this really any different than say a small market utility infielder in the MLB or a bench player in the NBA speaking out? It’s like Ryan Hollins preaching a cause for something I believe in and it’s almost unfortunate that he does because I can’t get past how much he sucks to even care. For instance, can you name Cleveland’s punter? What’s that, you know that one? Okay, then name the guy who replaced him all last year when he was out injured? More people have heard of this show than could answer that and I’m on college radio. Bottom line, punters are the most inconsequential players on the football field. Hell, they’re not even in most Fantasy Football Leagues. And for good reason.

Secondly, I have to wonder how strong Kluwe’s stance would be over a topic that’s not a current hot button political issue in the midst of a campaign year. Let’s say for instance, how would he feel if tomorrow he were traded to the Washington Redskins. Would he still happily collect his check and just move his couch and video games from one town to the next? Who knows, maybe he’d be just as strong in his convictions there too and would go on to insist the removal of severed heads of Native Americans and horribly racist caricatures as logos from all sports. But then again, maybe not. The Redskins play in the Nation’s Capitol, the political center of America’s universe, which is also a place where how Native Americans are treated doesn’t seem to be anything anyone has much cared about since the Indian Removal Act of 1830. Call me a cynic, but to me it seems like there maybe more than a small part of Chris here beyond this political stance that just wants to draw attention to himself. What, outside of when they muff a punt, it’s got to be hard for punters to draw attention to themselves. Did anyone come calling him for a magazine cover story before he wrote that letter? Nope. And after all, didn’t Scott Fujita when he was still a defensive captain, reigning Super Bowl champ and lead player rep for the NFLPA, already do this sans the letter and layout almost a year ago?
And finally, Yahoo!. I love how Yahoo! posts their articles. Nothing like fighting through an encroaching wall of ads to read something that no matter what will be all too brief for your efforts. Admittedly, I don’t got to the site too often, actually, I only go in instances like this where someone shares a story with me, or in the even rarer of instances, when Yahoo! is the one who actually breaks the story. Either way though, I always enjoy how Yahoo! in trying to find more and more ways to squeeze in advertising has a whole bunch of links that have absolutely nothing to do with what you’re reading, linked big as day right in the middle of their stories. It’s hard sometimes to even notice the article continues on underneath these links they’re so big and obtrusive. It’s as if Yahoo! knows their general reading audience has no attention span whatsoever so they attack them where they’re weakest, just to draw more hits throughout their site and get more advertisement revenue. Which is exactly what they’re doing. “Hey! Forgot what you’re reading about yet? CLICK HERE! And while your so easily distracted, CLICK HERE! and buy a KIA which you can drive while wearing new NIKE apparel! Just CLICK HERE!
Seriously, trying to read this article as these gigantic links of distraction were plastered throughout literally played out like…2

“Hey idiot, tired of reading about this punter rambling on about same sex marriage who you probably thought was gay as soon as you saw his picture? Well CLICK HERE! to read what Jags corner Aaron Ross learned from his FEMALE WIFE! She’s an Olympian, she’s hot, and she has a VAGINA for his PENIS! Just the way God intended!”
“Still reading, huh? You’re past the 700 word mark now, bet you could really use a break. Well since our first tale of distraction about opposite sex athletes married to one another didn’t interest you, CLICK HERE! and read whether Andy Reid should bench Michael Vick? You know, some REAL FOOTBALL TALK about guys you’ve actually heard of! Now that’s REAL FOOTBALL!”
“You’re still here?! Wow, you finished the whole thing! Congratulations. Honestly, never thought you’d make it. You must be so weary. Well sit back and turn off your brain and CLICK HERE! to watch this VIDEO about whether the Ravens can win without RAY LEWIS. Besides, we wouldn’t want you thinking about this story you just read too much anyway, it seemed like it might have had a political agenda, and we’re Yahoo!, who knows what our actual agenda is…?”

Whatever Kluwe’s full agenda is or isn’t in all this, I’ll believe him in that it truly originates from an altruistic place. And all the easy punter jokes aside, again, kudos. However, whatever the agenda is at Yahoo!, right or left, up or down, know first and foremost, like nearly everything in this world, the only real agenda they’ll ever has is just that of whatever makes them the most money.

-Mike James, just a guy who doesn’t get paid a cent to do any of this.

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  1. The actual open letter to this ignorant douche Chris wrote can be read here in its entirety as posted by the good folks of Deadspin []
  2. Not sure how these Yahoo! stories update over time, because I never go back to them… but the first story at the time of this posting which was “linked for your distraction”, came after 500 words or so and was, “Jags cornerback Aaron Ross has learned a lot from his Olympic wife“. The second tale of distraction, some 200 words further along was, “Michael Silver: Andy Reid should resist benching Michel Vick“. And finally, the closing distraction, just a 100 more words after Distraction Redux, was a 2 minute “NFL on Yahoo! Video” about Ray Lewis being out for the season, that of course followed a 30 second commercial for Southwest Airlines. []

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