The DEFEND Cleveland Show

November 13th, 2012 – Cavs vs Nets Game Notes by Joe Mastrantoni


These game notes are really long and not for everybody, but I think there’s a lot of insight in here as to how this Cavs team currently plays if you’re willing to read it.  It isn’t something necessarily worth doing every game, but it gives you a good idea of what to look for when watching the Cavs even if not analyzing almost every specific play..  Enjoy.


1st Quarter:


–           No Gerald Wallace or Marshon Brooks for the Nets, no Zeller for the Cavs


–           Gee on Johnson


–           Kyrie on Williams


–           Lopez can’t guard Andy, Andy can’t guard Lopez.  Speed/Height mismatch = Lots of easy –         baskets.


–           Andy and Kyrie’s pick n roll/2/ man game is amazing.  I’m going to try to make a video coming up to highlight it.  Look for that when Mike comes back from his trip on the web site or the Facebook page.


–           Kyrie can’t guard Williams/Williams can’t guard Kyrie.


–           Cavs bite on pump fakes A LOT.


–           Dion shows maturity running an offense.  Still not finishing around the rim at a very good rate, which is scary, need to see that improve, but he does not have tunnel vision at all and has pretty good court awareness for a rookie shooting guard.


–           Zeller would really help in this game.  Though Zeller isn’t the longest 7’0 footer around in terms of his standing reach he would of been able to body up and bother Lopez more than Andy I think.  Lopez isn’t insanely quick so you want to put size on him on defense and not worry as much about how quick the defender is.


–           Annoying comment from Fratello on Andy flopping on a great And 1 that Andy converts.


–           Jon Leuer makes an early arrival as Thompson gets into foul trouble.


–           Cavs aren’t blocking other players out in this game.  Too many easy rebounds for the Nets.


–           Andy continually benefits from Kyrie’s penetration, makes an insane rebound/left handed one handed layup right off the rebound.


–           Lopez can just lean over Andy on the defensive end and score.


–           Dion gets forced to his left hand, travels because he somewhat loses control of his dribble.


–           Like to see Dion add either that Steve Nash close range fade away jumper or a better

floater.  He’s trying to roll the ball off his hand for every finish and it just isn’t practical.


–           Cavs start trying to deny Lopez the entry pass late in the 1st quarter.


–           Cavs do this give and go game with Kyrie that is reminiscent of Soccer give and goes.  Quite pretty.  Andy and Kyrie are the two involved.


–           If only we could transplant Andy’s finishing/hands into Tristan.  Guy tries to dunk everything if he can or he goes to his hook shot.  There is no in between.  He needs to learn some finesse.


–           Kyrie throws one of the sicker passes behind his back to Andy on screen by Andy which Kyrie uses to get to the basket and Andy makes a good run towards the basket to mirror Kyrie’s own run.  Easy two points.  Thing of beauty.  Why would we trade Andy?  WHO ARE YOU GOING TO GET THAT IS BETTER THAN THIS GUY.


–           Gee gets to the rim well.  Still having trouble consistently finishing, but I think he can still develop that area of his game with experience.  His ideas in terms of finishing look good, rarely does he look out of control.


–           17 point,, 7 rebound on ⅞ shooting in the first quarter for Andy.


–           Leuer and Samardo will combine for 2 rebounds in 28 minutes,  Andy grabbed 7 in 11 minutes.  God help us all.


–           Cavs got a lot of ticky tacky fouls on them in terms of rebounding.  Leurer grabs a rebound from Reggie Evans that at worst was a jump ball, but should have prob been a D Rebound for Leurer, but the refs call a foul on him.


–           Gee only starter on the court late in the 1st, we’re up by 2.


Offense from there on:


–           Boobie gets loose in the paint on a Screen, Leurer finds him, Cavs move the ball around and find Samardo who misses an open 17 footer.  Not the shot you’re looking for.

–           Leurer iso on Evans, missed layup.  Decent look, but no finish.  I seem to say that a lot with Leurer.

–           Cavs seem confused on who is supposed to initiate the offense, eventually Boobie loses the game of hot potato and tries to run what I think is supposed to be a pick n roll, but it looked pretty ugly and Boobie literally got nowhere so  he throws it to Leurer who takes a jumper just inside the three point line, clanks it and Sloan gets fouled running for the rebound, bailing the Cavs out of what was a terrible possession.


Cavs winning 30-29, but the Cavs bench  will probably blow it based on what we just saw.


2nd Quarter:


–           Casspi gets called for a charge.  Oh how I missed you.  Bring back CJ Miles.


–           Leurer loses track of his man inside on a double.  Gibson has to foul Evans.  Samardo then commits a shooting foul on Blatche.


–           Iso then for Samardo on Blatche, step back jumper in the post, clanks it.


–           Jerry Stackhouse who is like 800 years old, just took Casspi of the dribble. EFF ME.


–           It is unclear if Donald Sloan actually knows how to score the basketball.


–           Cavs double and Nets end up with an easy basket off good passing from Brooklyn.  Leurer literally gets faked out so hard by Blatche he semi faceplants on the court.


–           I get to see peoples pet cats with Brooklyn Nets “swag” on as Ian Eagle excitedly commentates


–           Fratello isn’t a cat guy, go figure.


–           Cavs lose their lead and are down by 7 four minutes into the quarter.  Starters begin to trickle back in. 8:31 mark, Kyrie Irving back in.


–           Waiters jump shot/3 isn’t falling today


–           Boobie on Johnson, does alright, just doesn’t have the size he needs, Johnson is a big SG.


–           Starters all back on, Cavs just gave up a 12-0 run.


–           Kyrie gets matched up with Stackhouse and calls an iso because he thinks he can beat him off the dribble.  Kyrie dribbles into Stackhouse’s knee and Stackhouse unfairly gets called for a foul.  Kyrie gets too fancy with his dribbles sometimes, but it is fun when it comes off so it is hard to complain.

–           Andy hits a layup off a screen where Kyrie gets doubled and he finds Andy.


–           Blatches completely schools Tristan in the post.  Beautiful move footwork off the pivot.


–           Stackhouse commits a real foul on Andy, kind of a hard one, nothing malicious.


–           Fratello is talking about how he just isn’t sure what Tristan Thompson’s game is…I just nod in agreement at my television and hope I don’t begin to cry.


–           Irving makes a great shot off a pivot at the top of the foul line, weird floater.  Guys has such a diverse array of finishes and moves.  If we could space the floor better with shooters you could operate him in the post some.


–           Irving shows his ability to split the double team, Mark Price was reknown for this, making it look easy.  Entire Nets defense collapses into the paint, Waiters misses a wide open corner 3.  Got to drill that.


–           Waiters passes up an open three and misses a layup.  The open three was made possible by Kyrie getting to the rim and kicking it out to Gee or swings it to Dion.  Neither of those guys are confident in their three ball right now.  Waiters tried to roll it off his fingers and off the glass, but he just doesn’t have the touch again.  Worrisome.  Luckily Andy grabs a freak offensive rebound and we can reset. Kyrie TO.


–           Kyrie helps Dion as Johnson tries to back him down from the three point line.  Dion is giving up too much size so maybe he has to help, but this leads to two passes as the Nets find the open man for a dunk.  We are doubling way too much.  Joe Johnson isn’t going to have trouble passing over Kyrie Irivng and Dion Waiters, he is listed at 6’7.


–           Andy is the only one boxing out at times.  Terrible.


–           Dion airballs a tough three, Andy is there to clean up for 2.


–           Tristan goes up to dunk it again but it too slow and gets blocked.  FINESSE PLEASE.


–           Tristan TO, steps out of bounds.  I’m not sure he even knows he is playing basketball.


–           Kyrie soft defense on Williams and gives up an uncontested floater.


–           Waiters airballs a shot 5-7 feet from the basket after he can’t find a rolling Andy.  Hopefully it just isn’t his night.  Played too well so far to go after his play yet, but it is something to watch for.  Even when he was playing well he wasn’t scoring around the hoop.


–           Cavs don’t get back in transition so often.  It is brutal.  Kyrie at fault here, he was supposed to be guarding Joe Johnson, but really wasn’t.  Was completely out of position to challenge the pass to him due to lack of one of the following energy/hustle/awareness?  I wish I knew.  Easy 2 points.


–           Cavs jog back on defense and don’t pick up their man which leaves Willian on Thompson for an easy layup/And 1, especially with no one to help in the paint since the defense wasn’t set.


–           Kyrie misses a floater, good look though, Andy manages to steal the ball before it makes it way up court.  Kyrie proceeds to turn the ball over, which results in the Nets getting an easy basket on the other end.  Little careless by Kyrie.


–           Nets don’t give Leurer any credit on a pick and pop between him and Dion, their lack of faith in Leurer pays off as he misses the long jumper.


–           Leurer busts off a spin move and scores, was actually really nice.  This guy might be coachable. We’ll need a stretch 4 to mix things up.  If they can get this guy shooting 3s even and improving in other areas, might be a bench player.  There are a lot of ifs there, but I’ve seen enough to think there is potential there despite how bad he can look at times.  I guess we’ve said the same about Samuels before though, the whole potential thing.


–           Side note on Samuels, multiple media people have given the whole “Samardo’s is Jamaican, he’s kind of laid back” when really they kind of want to say he just doesn’t care that much about playing basketball.  It is fine not to want to play basketball, but to act like it is because he is Jamaican is kind of ridiculous.  There are crazy elite athletes who work their asses off and who come out of Jamaica, Usain Bolt being the obvious candidate.  It is kind of a weak on the Cavs media part to make what seems like a lazy stereotype inspired conjecture.


–           Cavs trap the pick n roll between Williams and Humphries, Kyrie and Leurer doubling in on Williams who easily find Humphries rolling to the hoop, Waiters is the man rotating over to cover Humphries, Andy looks a little lost or confused as who to help, easy 2 points.


–           Kyrie gets caught defending Humphries at the foul line(I wish I could go back and figure out why, but I’m sure there is more bad defense to analyze to come) and goes for the steal due to the height disadvantage I’d assume(He didn’t need to, Kris Humphries was looking to get rid of the ball) gets blown by and Humphries is fouled by Waiters, getting to the line.  Cavs are lost on defense.  HIRE MIKE BROWN AS AN ASSISTANT.  I’m actually serious, if he was willing then I would do it in a heartbeat.  Though I’, 99.9% sure he never would.


HALF TIME! We’re down by an unacceptable amount, but I’m still having fun watching Kyrie and Andy.  Leading into half the Brooklyn broadcast interviewed Net’s assistant coach PJ Carliesmo, former NBA Head Coach.  Was really hoping for an Avery Johnson interview; the man’s voice and cadence is magic.



Mike Fratello tells us leading into the 3 quarter that his Carliesmo’s kids call him, “Uncle Miggsy”, and Ian Eagle won’t let it go.  I had to hear this four times because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing on the first play of the 3rd quarter.


3rd Quarter:


–           First basket of the quarter comes via Brook Lopez.  Andy tips an entry pass intended for Brook Lopez and tries to unsuccessfully save it from headed out of bounds(Not one of those crazy dive into the crowd saves, he never leaves his feet),  then kind of walks back onto the court while the play is still going.  Lopez after helping collect Andy’s  attempted save to Deron Williams finds his way to the post where Deron Williams finds him.  Only once Brook establish position did Andy start running to get back into position…too late.  I feel like I just found out that Santa Claus isn’t real.  ANDY Y U NO HUSTLE?


–           I have no idea what offense we just ran.  I’m pretty sure none, but somehow Tristan Thompson managed not to get blocked this time by Brook Lopez, just barely, and dunks in a pass from Waiters with about 1 second left on the shot click.  Nothing happened for the first 19 seconds of that possession; until Gee tossed it off to Waiters with about 5 seconds left and he is able to drive towards the basket and throw a sideways no look pass  to Tristan who was waiting on the block..  Good play by Dion.  Props to Thompson for finishing.


–           Andy battles with Lopez to not allow him to get the ball so close to the basket.  Instead Brook receives it near the baseline about fifteen feet out.  Forced to take a foul line jumper with the shot clock winding down after failing to get past Andy by putting the rock on the floor.  This is what Andy should have been doing all game.  If Andy lets Lopez get good position on him its over because of the height advantage.  Andy is quick though so Lopez isn’t going to dribble by him usually.  Force him to take that jumper.  He isn’t terrible at it, but it definitely isn’t ideal for this.  39% of Brook Lopez’s shots come from jumpers and so far this year he is shooting Nets offense.  Which he has an Effective Field Goal percentage of 32% on(Jump shots that is).  For those of you who don’t know what eFG% is I’ll let explain and if you don’t care about the formula, just read the explanation.:


“”Effective Field Goal Percentage; the formula is (FG + 0.5 * 3P) / FGA. This statistic adjusts for the fact that a 3-point field goal is worth one more point than a 2-point field goal. For example, suppose Player A goes 4 for 10 with 2 threes, while Player B goes 5 for 10 with 0 threes. Each player would have 10 points from field goals, and thus would have the same effective field goal percentage (50%)”.


Back to Brook Lopez and why this matters.  Coaches presumably should know this stuff heading into games, it shouldn’t take a half of basketball to figure out it’s a bad idea to let Brook Lopez establish low post position on Andy who he is taller and longer than.  Brook Lopez isn’t Dwight Howard or Andrew Bynum who can use their strength to establish that position over smaller players consistently.  Oh well, moving on.


–           Oh by the way this is the first time I’ve ever done anything like this.  I know the formatting keeps changing.  I don’t care.  DEAL WITH IT.


–           Good thing we moved on.  Andy just drove and dunked all over Kris Humphries.  He should be doing that all day against both of these guys.  They are both bad defenders.  Humphries just steals rebounds from his teammates and pads his stats(I’ll admit to exaggerating this aspect of his game a little, but he’s made me have to hear more about Kim Kardashian than I ever wanted to, so he deserves it)  I love Andersen Varajeo.  I hope he goes for 50 this game.  FEED HIM.  JUST KEEP FEEDING HIM.  The Nets front line can’t guard anyoneeeee.   We really should run our game through Andy more offensively when he has a mismatches like this.  At this point the Nets would have to start thinking about doubling or Lopez might even get into foul trouble.  Andy is a good enough passer at this point that I trust him with this responsibility. The night we trade Andy, since more informed people than me think this is going to happen at some point, I think I’m going to drink a bottle of 151 and eat 10 entire tubs of cookie dough ice cream.  I don’t even want to think of the aftermath.


–           The next play Kyrie fails to fight over a Lopez screen and leaves Williams wide open.  Andy is forced to cover him just inside the 3 point line.  Lopez rolls to the basket with Kyrie now forced to guard Lopez.  Williams finds Lopez for an easy two.  This one was Kyrie’s fault.  Andy wanted to go back to Lopez, but Kyrie just never showed up and Andy didn’t want to leave Deron Williams wide open so he was forced to come out.


–           Waiters drives nicely to the rim and misses a layup that wasn’t TOO difficult.  Did I mention I was worried?  Hopefully it’s just one game.  Like to see Tristan get that rebound over a smaller player, but maybe I’m being too hard on him.


–           Lopez misses a baseline 20 footer.  Yes, keep making him take that shot!  Maybe we can come back.  Down 22.


–           Andy misses a decent turn around jumper from about 10 feet.  Almost went in.


–           Williams drives baseline and Kyrie loses him.  Kyrie then just kind of stands there and doesn’t guard anyone.  He’s literally just looking around the court.  The two closest players to him are Kris Humphries and Brook Lopez and they are close to the basket so surely he isn’t guarding them even if he tried.  Luckily the Nets miss the three and the rebound bounces right to Irving who drives the ball down court and takes an uncontested transition three which he bricks.  I can’t say I hate the shot though.  Kyrie’s got a little Chauncey Billups in him and he’s said he molds himself after Chauncey a little.  Chauncey loved those transition 3s as anyone who watched those Pistons/Cavaliers series should remember.  Kyrie shoots a good enough percentage from their to justify the shot I think.  Just didn’t go in this time.


–           Andy grabs what is an absolutely amazing offensive rebound off the Kyrie miss where he climbs over the Nets two bigs grabs the ball on the baseline, does a high wire circus act down it, only to pass it out to Irving before he can step out of bounds.  Kyrie trying to take advantage of what looks like a static Nets defense and attempts a bounce pass past the Nets defender inside to Tristan for what would probably be an easy basket it.  The Nets get a hand in the way and intercept it.


–           Kyrie and Dion finally prevent a fast break.  Mainly Waiters, but Kyrie’s presence limited the placing of the pass.


–           Gee finds Tristan out of a double team in the corner who then finds Andy under the basket, who misses the shot, but follows it up with a tip in.  Tristan you could see hesitate to find the open man, but he is getting better at moving the ball around which I’m happy to see.


–           Williams beats Kyrie easily off the dribble and find Bogans for an open three.  Luckily he misses.


–           Nice runner by Alonzo, almost goes in, been encouraged with the looks he gets off his drives.  Just needs to find a little more touch.


–           Kris Humphries very clearly screams “WHAT THE FUCK” while being blocked by Tristan Thompson.  After rewatching the block looked clean; I mainly rewatched to laugh at the Humphries quote, for some reason NBA players profanity getting caught on mic never gets old..  We need Yao here to tell Kris Humphries “Don’t be like a baby”.


–           Williams flops against Andy who should of had 2 points.  Instead he’s called with a charge.  Fratello of courses calls it strong defense by Williams.  Williams was leaning into it and still somewhat sliding over.  Closeeee call, but in the end I think a bad one.


–           Waiters is on Williams not and Irving on Watson.  Irving is ball watching and gets sucked into the paint for no real reason that I can discern. leaving Watson open for a three that he misses.


–           Waiters bad pass turnover, transition score from Watson  He televised the pass.  Didn’t take much for Watson to figure out where it was going.


–           Waiters is left open for three as Williams doubles Andy at the foul line, Waiters hits the three off a friendly bounce.


–           Gee can’t get around a Kris Humphries screen and Joe Johnson gets an open 3 point shot which he misses.  Good play by the Nets to get  the shot.  Andy doesn’t get the rebound but he bothers Lopez enough to get him to turn it over.  Cavs get out on transition off the TO and Kyrie takes it to the hoop with some misdirection steps. almost like exaggerated soccer crossovers, and scores 2.  Cavs then don’t get back on defense themselves which results in a matchup of Dion against Williams and Lopez.   Lopez scores a layup, go figure.


–           News Flash:  Tristan Thompson just got a dunked blocked by Brook Lopez…again…is that three times now?  I can’t bare to go back and count.


–           Some old school LeBron offense by Kyrie where he waves of the Andy pick and just dribbles the ball deep into the shot clock until he jacks a 3…clank.  Like to see less of those types of possessions.  Those type of shots are more often the reason you get down 20 and not usually the reason you necessarily come back from it.


–           Andy switches onto Williams over a pick and Waiters hesitates to pick Williams back up leaving a lane in which to drive for Williams, Waiters almost recovers, but not quite.  Easy layup for Williams.


–           Post up on Watson by Irving which I like to see, but he misses a high arcing jumper in the paint.


–           I don’t know if it is because Byron tells our bigs to crash the offensive glass so hard or what, but Lopez is again open in transition for an easy layup.  Neither Tristan or Andy are anywhere to be seen.  Waiters is technically guarding him, but once again 7’0>6’4 when you’re right under the basket


–           Oh, random stat.  Dion is 1/9 at this point.


–           Gee misses a short range leaner  good follow up by Tristan for two, though both Andy and Tristan were both there for it.  Maybe we should only be sending one of them to crash the offensive glass(Andy) and have Tristan getting back on defense.  Afterall Tristan is young he can afford to run more than Andy.


–           They move Williams off the ball, setting some screens for him.  Gee is on him.  Gee can’t fight through a screen and Williams nails an open jumper.


–           Waiters is hesitant to pass it to an open Andy on a pick and ends up with a jumper which he misses.  Not a terrible play, but it looks like Dion is hesitant to pass to the roller sometimes in fear of turning the ball over.  Understandable.  Oh he’s 1/10 now.  Though our defense is why we are losing so bad, not our offense.


–           Gee does well defending Williams one on one, but Gee is too afraid of his drive, giving Williams too much space to drill a step back 2.  Much rather he get that though than layups at the basket that he has been getting..


–           Gee then has his shot blocked by Humphries on the other end, but the ball is recovered by the Cavs.  Kyrie’s man is completely lost in the moments following the block and Kyrie is found for a wide open three, which he drills.


–           Varajeo does well to screen Lopez down low after rolling with Kyrie towards the basket off the pick n roll..  Kyrie uses the space freed  by Andy screening off Lopez under the basket  to drive inside and drill an uncontested floater.  Great play on both their parts.  I’m telling you their two man game on offense is awesome.


–           Lopez receives the ball just inside the three point line  due to Andy outmuscling him and Lopez  tries to take Andy from there through a mixture of backing him up and driving past him.  He winds up with a sloppy 15 foot baseline jumper that he misses.  Good defense.  Need more of it.


–           Fratello and Eagle are talking about some guy named Oscar Madison as Gee hits a long two.  I come to find out they are talking about “The Odd Couple”.  I am left confused over if I should know this reference or if they are just really old.


–           Gee is having trouble sticking with Williams and Williams receives the ball and immediately move towards the basket.  He passes it off for what should be a high % 2 pointer, but the Cavs luck out.


–           Kyrie turns the ball over which results in a Brooklyn fast break where Watson is fouled by Waiters who is going for the block.  Waiters doesn’t have that Dwyane Wade and Russell Westbrook(He is a SG, I don’t care what anyone tells me) like athleticism that undersized two guards tend to have who do well in this league.  It was on display there.   It is possible here that he just miss timed it, but the hang time guards like Wade get is what allows them to block shots and make shots around the rim so consistently.  The ability to adjust while in mid-air is what he seems to lack at this point.  Though this was a defensive play it made me think about how his athleticism effects his finishing around the basket.  He needs to attend the Steve Nash/Tony Parker school for how to finish around the basket without elite athleticism.  Not sure if he has the requisite handles yet though, but I think it is possible.


–           Kyrie gets to the basket easily and finishes beautifully switches from his right to left hand in order to get the easy lay in.


–           Gee gets called for a foul holding onto Williams off the ball.  Gee is struggling to stay with him.  Don’t know if it is fatigue or that the guy just isn’t meant to guard PGs.  We’re in the penalty.


–           Kyrie hits a 3 in Watsons face and he looks a little angry getting back on D.  Could be good for the Cavs.


–           Waiters misses another layup off a nice drive. One you’d like to see him make because it looked kind of simple, but the lack of finesse does him in and Andy is left to do his thing and cleans it up with a tap in for 2.


–           Waiters gets his second basket of the night, a breakaway dunk, as Andray Blatche reminds you why he is Andray Blatche and loses the ball trying to get fancy with his dribble 17 feet from the basket.


–           Andy and Kyrie are able to trap Watson on the baseline and force him into a bad jumper which he misses.  Defense is looking a little better.  That could be because Lopez and Johnson are out of the game though.  Williams is still in there.


–           With 10 seconds left in the 3rd Kyrie drives to the hoop and hands off to Tristan on the block for an easy dunk.  Cavs somehow are going to go into the 4th only down by 10 after being down over 20.  Quietly creeping back into the game.  Brooklyn did give up a 22 point lead to Minnesota this season already.


4th Quarter:


–           We start the 4th with the following line-up, Dion, Boobie, Walton, Leurer, Thompson…ugh why is Luke Walton back on the court?  At least he is playing small forward.  I think Scott threw him on so we don’t accidentally come back and win this one.  Luke Walton is the Cavs’ attempt at an epic tank job.  I can’t be convinced otherwise.


–           Waiters misses a decent look at a floater and Thompson is unable to tip it in.


–           Walton fouls Johnson while attempting to recover a loose ball made by Waiters knocking the ball out of Johnson’s hands in the post..  Good defense by Waiters though.


–           Stackhouse then takes Walton off the dribble way too easily and Leuer can’t get over fast enough to help.  Stackhouse hits the runner off the glass.


–           Leuer off some pick and pop with Boobie gets an open three, but instead pump fakes and steps inside for a wide open 18 footer which he bricks.  His form and everything looks good, but the shot is not falling for him.


–           Eagle confuses Leurer and Walton because their both white, but Walton commits a foul on the rebound off the Leurer miss.


–           Somehow the Nets haven’t made a three yet as Johnson misses a contested one.  They are 0-13.  It is scary that we are down by 11 or whatever and are getting that lucky.  They have had a fair amount of open ones.


–           Reggie Evans has Leurer trapped on the baseline near the three point arc.  Leurer ends up traveling.  I suspect Reggie Evans grabbed his Leurer’s testicles, forcing the travel.  I can’t confirm this through video though.


–           Tristan plays good D on Reggie Evans who tries to back him up, but gets called for a phantom foul.


–           Ian Eagle literally is chuckling when making the call…”And a foul on Tristan Thompson…<insert laughter>”


–           Dion finds Leurer wide open after the Nets double Dion, but Leurer hesitates and travels.


–           Waiters plays Johnson pretty well again, but is giving up too much size and he puts Waiters on his hip and gets to the basket for a layup.  Cavs backcourt is really small.


–           Waiters finally gets to the line off of a drive!  Cue confetti!


–           Waiters manages to stay in front of Johnson, but he just easily shoots a foul line jumper

over him.  Good move by Johnson, but Waiters is giving up 3 inches.


–           Waiters takes a step back three early in the shot clock and misses.  Dion Waiters is is crashing back to Earth after his hot start to the season at supersonic speeds, much like that Red Bull guy, Felix Baumgartner.  Trista saves Dion by tipping it in.


–           A double team on Johnson finally works as Walton helps Waiters at the foul line and they force the TO.  Tristan taps it to Dion who slams the ball home on a fast break.  Love to see that.  He got good elevation there too on the dunk.


–           Cavs down by 13 and Kyrie and Andy come back into the game.  7:30 left


–           Walton makes a great pass to Samardo under the basket as he catches Blatche sleeping.  Blatche clearly fouls Samardo as he goes for the layup, but for some reason I can’t fathom it wasn’t called.  It was pretty clear.


–           Johnson drills a 3 in transition off the no call on Blatche.


–           Three Cavs defenders in the paint, Boobie decides they could use four and leaves Joe Johnson who hits another three after Kyrie hit two free throws on the other end.




–           Boobie gets called for another phantom foul while Joe Johnson is shooting a 3.  Considering some of the stuff Reggie Evans has done this game it makes the foul call even harder to take.  Leurer is going to have Reggie Evans nightmares after the game he’s been so physical with him.


–           Kyrie back to the line.  He’s good on the offensive end, ain’t he?


–           Andy is at a career high 29 points, but it is hard to pay attention to because our defense has just been so bad that Andy’s career night just isn’t mattering.


–           Gee on Johnson, seems like a good match up.  Kyrie forces a TO when Johnson tries to pass to Williams.  Was a lazy pass and Kyrie made the right decision to go for it.


–           Kyrie accidentally headbutts Deron Williams in the chin and which sends Williams to the floor like an MMA fighter on the end of an Anderson Silva headkick.  Meanwhile Kyrie finds a cutting Andy amidst three defenders for a layup.

–           Joe Johnson drills a contested three.  Doesn’t look like it is going to be the Cavs night for a comeback.


–           Irving shows some good handles as Andy and Williams trip each other up.  Irving is fouled at the rim by Lopez and hits the floor kind of hard.  He has taken some mean falls while trying to finish layups this year.  Reminds me of a young Dwayne Wade.  Hopefully he can stay healthy.  Little scary.


–           Kyrie guarding Stackhouse and they try to set Stack up on the low post, but luckily it’s a bad pass TO.  Would have been an easy 2.  Rewatching it actually it looks like Stack is being too aggressive backing into Kyrie and Kyrie just pulls the chair out from under him, which trips Stack up.


–           Good penetration and ball movement by Gee and Andy, which results in an easy lay up for Andy.  Gee pump faked a three and drove to create the opening for Andy.  Love that he can drive, but Gee does need to develop that three ball some.


–           Kyrie guarding Watson in the corner anticipates out a lazy pass by Williams to Humphries and leaves his man to intercept.  Kyrie draws a shooting foul in transition making both and bringing us within 11.


–           Waiters get caught in Lopez screen and Williams hits a open 3 pointer.


–           Andy hits a running hook shot on Lopez.  Absolutely awesome shot.


–           Williams jacks up a three followed by Kyrie jacking up a three, both miss.


–           Humphries fouls on the rebound, but he fouls Tristan who misses both shots.


–           Waiters swipes the ball out of bounds on a Williams drive.  Cavs defenders are always going for steals.  Very rarely do we just man somebody up and challenge them to beat us.  I guess we don’t have good enough defenders, but that is kind of scary.


–           Watson hits a 3 with 1:46 to go to 112-97 and I call it quits on logging the game.  Cavs could have done slightly better offensively, especially Waiters, but their defense was the clear reason for the loss.  I’M OUT.


– Joe Mastrantoni


Listen to last Monday’s “The Defend Cleveland Show” in its entirety by clicking here.

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