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The Indians acquisition of Nick Swisher is so unexpected, I don’t think even Nick Swisher knows what it is he has done.  Did he realize he could have played meaningful games as a Texas Ranger?  What did they drug him with on his visit here?  Yes, the Indians had to overpay him to the point where he is the highest paid Indian free agent of all time.  How else are you going to get a real baseball player to come to MLB Siberia?  It’s hard to wrap your head around the fact that Nick Swisher, a guy I fully expect to hit .260 with 22 home runs and 70 RBI is worth $56 million dollars.  You know who Indians fans used to call a guy that hit twenty home runs while batting .260?  Paul Sorrento.  Then again Annibal Sanchez, a #4 starter, just got $80 million…

Baseball salaries keep going up, up, up and it is hard to fathom.  Everyone you know that likes sports prefers them in this order:  NFL, college football, NBA, college basketball and then MLB.  I’m sure you have an example of someone that bucks this trend and loves baseball, but he’s probably a white guy over the age of 45.  Old white guys like baseball.  Not as much as they like the NFL, but they still like it.  It’s hard to understand all this money.  No one goes to the games unless you are in New York or Boston.  Where is this jack all coming from?

TV keeps paying more and more for the rights, and that money trickles down to the players.  With 162 games, MLB teams provide a ton of content to cable channels that would otherwise have to air hack shows that NO ONE watches.  I’ll take one “in game” Indians spot over 20 commercials in whatever Bruce Drennan calls his show.  Sorry man, that’s just the way it is.  TV is cruel.  If you want to crank revenue in, you have to have a rating or at least a perceived rating.  Hence, as Fox Sports wants to sell a shitload of $2500 commercials in an Indians game, they pay the Indians, and the Indians pay Nick Swisher.  Will this flood of money keep going?  I don’t see how it could as nobody under the age of forty seems to even have a passing interest in baseball, but what do I know?  Somebody must have done the math, right?

Let’s talk about this crazy Swisher deal.  We’re not paying him, so who cares.  The Indians actually have a real outfield this year.  Swisher, Stubbs and Brantley are an honest to God outfield that can hit the ball, play defense, and score some runs.  It’s not Loften, Justice, Manny but it’s the best they have had in awhile.  Mark Reynolds isn’t the second coming of Lou Gehrig, but he’s also better than anything they have.  He’s like an improved Russell Branyon.  He can probably hit 30 bombs if he plays every day.  He will strike out as much as your college roommate at Bucket Night at The Townhouse, but the home runs will be fun.  The Indians have had a change in direction, and I don’t think anyone saw this coming.  It’s like you have this fuckup friend that is always wasted and acting like an asshole.  Then one day he shows up at a party all clean cut in nice clothes and starts to tell you about his new job.  Who is this guy?

The idea of pitching and defense winning championships was embraced after the “Club You Over The Head” Indians of the 90s ran out of steam without bringing home a trophy.  They assembled that great staff with Sabathia and Lee in the rotation after they said “Well, that didn’t work.  How about this?”  It just wasn’t enough.  Now as the rest of baseball has decided to overpay for pitching, the Indians are going the other way and bringing in bats.  Francisco Liriano, who sucks, just got $14 million for two years.  Edwin Jackson, a vagabond pitcher with a career ERA over four, just signed a $52 million dollar deal.  You want to get in that game?  There is no difference between Edwin Jackson, Zach McAllister, and Francisco Liriano except how much they get paid.  They all kind of suck.

I like that the Indians realize that they needed to change what they were doing.  Everyone is going one way, so they go the other.  Way to go.  Someone over there finally got their way.  They are trying something “new”.  They aren’t going to win games 3-2 with that pitching staff.  They might win some game 8-7 though.  It’s more fun to watch a team that can score, and that will put more people in seats.  Are they a threat to win the Central?  Oh God, no.  They are so depleted in starting pitching, they have no chance.  At least they’ll be more fun to watch though, and they’ll kick the fuck out of the Twins.  That’s something at least.


-Greg Miller

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