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With the breaking news that I will not become the San Diego Chargers coach now confirmed, it appears that I will have my tail completely between my legs when I next see Joe Banner.  Much like Dan Gilbert, I fired off a letter that was based more on emotion than cold hard logic and now I will have to live with my outburst until memories fade.  (Full this full story, see here)

Most Browns fans are either wound up because the team didn’t hire a “big” coach or they are resigned to following continued failure.  While it is hard to be fired up about the coaching hire, the fact remains that nobody really knows which one of these guys is any good with the exception of Belichick and maybe the Harbaugh Brothers.  Mike Shanahan was a genius in Denver when Elway was QB.  Elway retired and Shanahan became an idiot.  The Redskins hire him, and he continues to be an idiot until they draft RG3.  Now?  Back to genius.  Well, until he ran RG3 out there with his knee hanging by a thread and ruined his career.  I think Shanahan is back to idiot again, but we’ll see how that off season knee surgery goes…

The fact is the Browns won’t be very good until they land one of the twelve or so guys on the planet that can play QB in the NFL, or create a defense that is so good it doesn’t matter who plays QB.  That “defense first” strategy has worked in the NFL once over a decade ago, but it still seems more likely than stumbling into a good QB.  What are they going to do?  Sign Michael Vick?  Sign Alex Smith?  Matt Flynn?  Those guys aren’t coming here, and even if they did, no one really thinks they are the answer.  Nope, it’s Brandon Weeden in 2013 and hope for the best unless something crazy happens.

While I am fairly confident the Browns will regret not hiring me as head coach, I do feel somewhat encouraged by the fact that they will probably turn the organization over again by 2015 and I will get my chance once again.  The interesting thing for fans this time will be to watch these new guys in charge, who can’t possibly understand the sheer amount of bullshit that has been fed to Browns fans since 1999.  Will they be able to come up with new ways to trick fans into being excited by gutting the team and starting over again?  Will they be aware enough not to carry that smug “don’t ask me I’m Mike Holmgren” attitude?  Will they come up with new terminology for “rebuild”?  I would use the phrase “positional upgrade”.  No one will really know what that means.  Can they possibly sell in the idea of patience and a three year rebuilding plan?  Again?  That’s the part I’m excited about!  Let the double talk begin!

-Greg Miller

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