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The Injury


On my way to the bar I fielded a non-sports related phone call, music actually. I wasn’t sure if the other guy liked sports. I didn’t even ask him about the immediately impending Tribe opener, only hours away. But I found a way to ask about the injury. I’ve found a way to ask everyone.

I then sat in the bar with a mob for the Tribe’s opener getting eager over baseball the first time this year. Maybe baseball fans are passionate as ever, just dwindling. Maybe it’s personal. Either way, it is nice when they are concentrated. The win was great, on foreign soil where we love to show off. But we all saw that basketball injury the other day.

Where was I when it happened? I was alone.

I freaked out, calling people I thought would be watching the game in hopes that they would help carry the burden. No luck. My wife came home and asked what was happening. I told her that she didn’t want to see it and that if she did, I could not watch it again. She then rewound and watched while I stood behind the television seeing her react. It was all I could bear.

Where were you when it happened? Like many, it lingers near the center of my gut. A sad and sharp planet orbiting my insides. It stained the skin, leaving spots that are impossible to reach alone.

We, in a very perverse way, attempt a notion of individuality both within and recognizably better than the herd. In conflict these actions create motion for mass culture and sport—“mass” the operative. It is an attempt to properly manipulate mob mentality for the dual purpose of controlling and being one with the mob. But does that implicitly state that something is fundamentally wrong with the mob? The individual must always be stronger than, etc, polarizing companionship to where groups are ultimately demonized. Highly individual and oddly infantilized is the current progression of mass culture and sport.

For most of us, our relationship to relationships is dysfunctional at best, when often in pain and in joy we need people more than ever. Kevin Ware, on the ground, wanted nothing more than his team to succeed. I needed nothing more than to not be alone.


-Jon Conley

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