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Lately on the DC Show we’ve enjoyed steering away from our teams towards other directions as the Tribe seem so far totally incapable of beating playoff teams, let alone being one,1 and what with the Browns still only playing in the deplorable full priced NFL exhibition games they call “Preseason”, why not talk to Alan Glazen about the bad business of stadium repairs being paid for by sin taxes, and David Thomas of Cleveland’s legendary group Pere Ubu about their recent issues obtaining visas for an upcoming tour? So in continuing on that note, why not also write about a topic everyone seems to be writing about and talking about this week, Miley Cyrus’ VMA appearance.

In the ongoing wake of her already infamous performance2 there seems to be a rising awareness and concern that pop music mostly sucks anymore. To that I ask, it was this that made you finally take notice of the problem?

Everyone seems to love Lady Gaga’s flash in the pan fame when all she’s really done to earn it is nick Madonna, so what has you all upset now that Cyrus is doing the same thing? Is it just because she used to be on the Disney Channel? Is it that you own the same outfit and thanks to her turkey butt you now know you can’t wear it anymore?3

Miley Cyrus Turkey Butt

The fact is the days of Madonna appear at best, dormant, within a music industry which no longer seems as interested in investing in talented artists who work to truly hone their craft to create hit after hit, album after album, year after year, decade after decade. They’re clearly far more interested in the 15 minute version of fame than that of sustained successes, and the result is a world where our major label artists are even more disproportionately geared towards one-hit wonders than ever before. And why not? Seems like a solid business model when you consider proven artists only gain more and more control over what they make as the years go by and their successes continue, which of course means less money for those running the factory.

Looking back to Madonna’s earliest days on the Billboard Charts, the days being glorified this week as folks trounce Miley, and you’re sure to see it littered with one-hit wonders left and right, but alongside Madonna’s name you’ll also see names like Prince, Dire Straits, Van Halen, Tina Turner, Hall and Oats, Cindy Lauper, the Boss, Genesis, Whitney Houston, Stevie Wonder, the Cars and Michael Jackson. All legends. Take a look at the Billboard Charts from last year and outside of Adele, Kanye (Yeezy!) and maybe a couple others, do you really think we’ll be talking about any of these industry produced “talents” 10 to 20 years from now? It’s just looking like a game of Trivial Pursuit is going to be way more trivial is all.

I find it quietly sad enough when I go over to an old friend’s house and see their album collection ended in the 90’s and the days before they had careers and children eating up their free time.4 It happens, and I fully understand why. It’s not a judgment. Imagine the poor saps today, however, whose collections will stop for the same reasons. Anyone up for spinning a 20 year old Wiz Khalifa record? How well do you think Katy Perry’s catalog will look once gravity takes its toll on her true talents? LMFAO? Ha! Even their name is fad. Pitbull? Maroon 5? Please.

The reality is that the record industry is mainly interested in selling you a fast food version of art and it sure didn’t start with Miley Cyrus twerking Alan Thicke’s son on stage at the VMA’s. And yes, it was even happening during Madonna’s day and long before, it’s just become ever more the case. It’s also why more and more you should trust independent music stores when it comes to finding music, and in Cleveland with the likes of Bent CrayonBlue Arrow RecordsHausfrau Record ShopLOOPMUSIC SAVES and My Mind’s Eye, you have ample options all over our great city. Besides, what are you going to do otherwise, watch MTV? The only music they air all year anymore is the VMAs. And Spotify robs musicians damn near as much as outright stealing their albums off the internet does.

Of course you can always like and enjoy whatever you want and I won’t lie, a lot of the hits of today I like too. I don’t even hate the song Miley was performing while making all these headlines. A good song is a good song, it always will be, period. Art, however, like a sound investment, should appreciate over time.

Now, if it’s just that this whole VMA affair has you upset because Miley was acting like a drugged up slut, Miley, a 20 year old woman who no longer goes by Hannah, who are you? Billy Ray Cyrus?


-Mike James


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  1. If the season ended today, the Indians currently have an 18-31 record against the teams who would greet them in the postseason. Somehow that 37% winning clip doesn’t bode well considering even if they do somehow find postseason play, they’d have to play against the very teams they’ve been whipped by all season. []
  2. Which marked the first time anyone had taken note of this yearly VMA joke since Yeezy scared everyone by drunkenly spitting truths and making a virgin teenage white girl nervous. []
  3. PS – I wrote this article pretty much just to find a reason to post this meme. No, I did not create the meme. Mostly because my knowledge of turkey butts to have identified Cyrus’ isn’t vast enough. Also, who besides teenagers has time to sit around and create memes? I only wish, I barely had enough time to do the “Cyrus VMA” Google image search that netted this find. []
  4. Yes, I’m encouraging you to blame both your job and kids for why you don’t know shit about new music like you used to. In fact, the next time either is giving you a headache, shout, “You’re the reason the last record I bought was “Blood Sugar Sex Magik!” []

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