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Browns’ Coverage: Refusal



To be clear this is not meant to be a feel good piece nor sentimental in nature.

I have a daughter. She just began her educational career and development with kindergarten. She and I get up early and pack her snacks and plan outfits. We make sure that she is bathed and fed properly to ensure a clean mind and body as she enters the world. My little gift, my little present.

She has a teacher. She has homework. She is responsible to things outside of our home, our little realm of happiness. My only child, the love of my life.

She takes the bus now. I, happy dad, stand out on the corner with the other mothers and children in the morning sipping coffee from my Mahoning County Sheriff’s Office mug, making small talk and tucking in my edges, donning my best jeans and fifteen year old food-not-bombs free-soup-for-the-revolution shirts.

And my daughter has a friend. A glib statement on its own but my daughters has a friend across the street who is supposed to be on the bus with her. They attend the same school though not the same class and she was all the better for it when during the first week she was able to ride the bus with her friend. Since then, her friend has not been consistent about taking the bus. This is no fault of her own. Her parents drive her if she misses. They have more children than we do and I understand from growing up with too many brothers that mornings are much more chaotic with multiple little spawns.

Where is this going?

During the first week, when her friend was taking the bus, well, my daughter would go to her door, knock and head to the bus stop with her, cute grimy hand in cute grimy hand, together. Now that her friend is not making it to the bus, my daughter still wants to go to her door, but I don’t want her to disturb the fragile morning whirlwind of someone else’s routines. If they are having trouble getting their mornings together and getting their kids to the bus, that is not our family’s business. “_____ is not my child,” is a mantra I heard from my mother growing up and it is one I fall on now.

The deal is, my daughter can go to her friend’s door if and only if her friend was at the bus stop the previous morning. Pattern recognition is something she is good at so this works well and to make a long metaphor finally short, I will not write about the Browns until they win or at least present a respectable game. With the Indians in the hunt, the Cavs with nothing to lose and plenty of upside, I’m sure we can find more to talk about.

Until my crippling football depression wins and I slip into drug-addled catatonia, my refusal to speak of them is strictly a professional choice.


-Jon Conley

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