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This Just In…Browns Rebuilding

This Just In...Browns Rebuilding



Perhaps Joe Banner and Mike Lombardi are avid readers of the content on Defend Cleveland.  I would hope so as generally these are the only voices howling in the wilderness that make any sense whatsoever.  On Monday when I made the sensible observation that maybe Trent Richardson was just an ordinary NFL back, I think I may have been one of the first to suggest that the Emporer Has No Clothes.  I would like to note that I did not suggest we trade Richardson for what appears to be a #15-20 pick in next year’s draft and hand the ball over to 43 year old Willis McGahee.  I really wish one of those guys would have called me before pulling the trigger on this deal…

While each and every Browns fan is well aware that Trent Richardson will now have a Hall of Fame career as a Colt while shattering all single season and career rushing league records, the question still remains if the Browns will be any less effective in the short term.  I’d say probably not as they don’t seem to be able to run the ball with anyone, so what’s the difference who gets tackled after a three yard run?  The single game Browns rushing record is held by Jerome Harrison after all, so they’ll find some stiff to run the ball.  The options for 2013 are to go 5-11 with Trent Richardson or go 4-12 without him.  Once again, what’s the difference?

The beef I have on this trade is that they have emphatically stated with this action, “We aren’t going to try and compete this year.  Thanks for your ticket and sponsorship money.  Next year’s team is going to be awesome.  We mean it this time.  Seriously.”  Whenever you think the Browns can’t fuck with you fans any worse, they manage to slide their big giant wiener just a little bit further into your tight straining anus.  Only 17 days ago I was standing around packed Muni lots filled with fans absolutely bursting with expectation and hope.  Each and every one of these fans should now be aware that the people that own this team do not care about your support.  The Browns upper management knows that no matter what they do, you will be back with your little dog bone necklaces and rubber dog masks eager to run your tongue across each urine soaked inch of “First Energy Stadium”.  Thank you so much!  MMMMM!  We love you Browns!  Woof!  Woof!

Tomorrow there will be plenty of spin about how this deal will position the team to compete in the future, land players that are a better fit for the scheme, build a foundation for a championship team, and a lot of other bullet points that will make no sense whatsoever when you give even a cursory thought about them.  The team will still need a QB.  They will still need a running back.  They will need a right tackle.  They will need another cornerback.  They will need a receiver.  Maybe two.  They are so very far away from being interesting.  This trade was all about getting rid of “their guys” and bringing in “our guys”.  Why this is important in the short expiration date of NFL rosters I’m not sure, but here we go again.  The Browns are re-building for the umpteenth time since 1999 and they are taking you for the ride.  Again.

Go Tribe.


-Greg Miller

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  1. Ric Storms

    “Whenever you think the Browns can’t fuck with you fans any worse, they manage to slide their big giant wiener just a little bit further into your tight straining anus.”

    Quote of the year

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