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Suddenly everything is possible.  There are no longer any rules.  For at least two days Cleveland Sports Fans can walk around like most normal sports fans do with a sense of cautious optimism.  It has to be an odd feeling for the fans here with the Indians in the Playoffs and the Browns sitting atop the AFC North in October.  I would say it is akin to being the school dork that secures a date with the cheerleader.  On the one hand there is an overwhelming excitement of maybe doing all the wonderful things you see your classmates doing.  On the other hand, there is the suspicion that it will all end in humiliation, as if you were being set up all along to get a bucket of excrement dumped on your head in front of the entire school at Prom.  Hahahaha!  You thought you were going to get the cheerleader?  Hahahahaha!

The Indians situation is the exciting one.  It’s a one game winner take all, and we all know how that situation turns out in NE Ohio…  It will be late innings, the Tribe already down a couple runs when an infielder you have barely heard of crushes a back breaking home run out to left.  I can see it now as Rays second baseman Ben Zobrist trots around the bases, fans quietly filing out of the stadium as Progressive Field goes back to sounding like a tomb, much like it did for all of the 2013 season.  Then again, maybe not…

The Indians are on about as big of a roll as a team can hope for heading into the postseason.  The key to remember about baseball playoffs is not what a team did in May.  It’s what is that team doing right now.  My beloved San Francisco Giants got hot in September last year and then kicked the fuck out of everyone on their way to the World Series.  That’s exactly what the Cardinals did the year before.  With that in mind, I would not want any part of the Indians right now.  These guys don’t even remember what it’s like to lose.  They feel like they will win every night, and that confidence is what wins baseball games.  Jimenez completely vindicated his value in that trade with Colorado with his post All-Star break performance.  He is arguably the best starter in the AL at this moment.  The bullpen with Perez out of the mix is very trustworthy.  The offense is finding a way.  These guys could actually win the AL.  Why not?  Everything is possible.

The one caveat is of course the game of baseball itself.  So many horrible things can go wrong to allow a team to lose a game it has dominated for eight and 2/3rds innings.  That’s the killer in this do-or-die one game elimination.  You play your ass off for 162 games, then some 22 year old reliever hangs a curve in the seventh and that’s it.  The season is over.   Will they win on Wednesday?  Who the hell knows?  I hope so.  It’s always good to butt heads with Red Sox nation, the most annoying fans of any sport in any location on this planet Earth.  My gut says “yes” they will win, but as a twenty plus year resident of NE Ohio, I know in the deep recesses in my mind that there is only heartbreak ahead.  We will stand in front of our classmates covered in shit with tears streaming down our faces.  Again.

The Browns find themselves in an odd place.  It turns out that last year’s two #1 picks aren’t very good at playing football.  They have at last really helped the Browns win by getting off the field.  While that is disappointing, it’s good that it was discovered now instead of blowing another season.  As for Brandon Weeden, it might be a good time to consider putting your house up for sale in NE Ohio.  By being soundly beaten out by Hoyer for the starting job, you have announced to the NFL “Hello, I am a third string QB.  May I have a clipboard?  And a visor please?  I’d like to stand here on the sideline for three years until I get my pension.  Who wants to go golfing?”.

The Browns defense looks like a legit NFL defense.  If this team gets a big time corner and another safety, they are going to stay in every game they play.  As it is now, they should be able to hang around in most games.  That’s the way teams win in the NFL.  Just hang around for three and a half quarters and hope someone makes a big play.  Next thing you know everyone is dancing around after a 20-17 win while the other team wonders what the hell just happened.  Ask the Texans about that.  It just happened to them yesterday.

I wouldn’t start to think about Playoff tickets this year, but it is also interesting to note that the Steelers totally blow, and the Ravens look like an 8-8 team at best.  The Bengals appear to be the class of the AFC North, but as history has taught fans here a few lessons, it has also allowed those that are paying attention to notice that the Bengals will “Go Full Bengal” at some point.  What is “Full Bengal”?  I think it is reasonable to expect that in any eight day period this season Marvin Lewis will coach himself out of a couple potential wins, AJ Green will have his leg ripped off on a head scratching reverse late in a blowout game, Mike Brown will force the players to pay for soap in the team showers, and Pacman Jones will shoot a stripper in the pussy.  If there has ever been a 12-4 team on paper more ready to go 9-7 and squeak into the playoffs than the 2013 Cincinnati Bengals, I can’t identify them.

So here you are NE Ohio.  It looks like you are going to the dance.  Rent the tuxedo and the little plastic shoes.  Maybe that pretty girl is waiting to dance with you.  Or maybe she set you up again…  Take a chance.  Either way, it’s better to be at the dance than a wallflower again.


-Greg Miller

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