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Chris Grant’s Farewell

The firing of Chris Grant was hardly a surprise after the Cavs lost at home to the lowly Lakers playing with four eligible players. This is akin to the Browns losing to nine Atlanta Falcons or the Tribe losing to a pickup team of pretty good rec league softball players.  Someone had to pay that check. Dan Gilbert, in the longstanding custom of self made zillionaires, is completely crazy.  He  is also not used to losing.   When you make a kadrillion dollars with predatory loans, or, if you prefer, semi-regulated loan sharking, the culture is one of “results”, not “process”.  After bringing back Mike Brown to coach this year it isn’t as if the Cavs could cut him loose again.  I would like to point out, however, that if Brown couldn’t win with the best basketball player on the planet, it seems unlikely he would win with these guys.  Why did the Cavs think Mike Brown was the best solution?  I guess Red Auerbach wasn’t available.

The NBA isn’t really about coaches and executives though. The immature NBA players don’t give a fuck about any of those guys. They want to skate into the league, get paid and smoke some weed.  Towards the end of their career, they want to “get their ring”.  This is the very epicenter of the self entitled NBA and why I hate it more than any other sports organization.  The decision by David Stern to make it a League of Stars instead of a League of Teams forever shifted the base of power. The lunatics run the asylum.

With increasing frequency comments are being published about Kyrie Irving wanting out of Cleveland. On the surface that does seem reasonable, as it is almost impossible to create a competitive team out of the fashionable major markets and it kinda sucks here for a 22 year old African American millionaire.  It should be noted that while Irving wants to play somewhere he can win, isn’t the point of being a franchise player being able to win wherever you are? Aren’t you the reason why the team wins?  The entire point of winning a title is to earn that title, not drop into an already stacked environment to assure as little hardship as possible before shooting headphone and sports drink commercials.  If Kyrie Irving is so great than why doesn’t he make players around him better? Maybe because he has never been in a situation where he has had to do all the heavy lifting. Hell, in his brief stop in at Duke, the Blue Devils hardly even noticed his traditional mid season lengthy injury before cruising into the Final Four.  Kyrie Irving hasn’t turned the Cavs around because he has never been on a bad team. He doesn’t know how to do it.  Well, it doesn’t help that with the exception of Varejao and Deng, the rest of the  team pretty much sucks. That’s on Chris Grant.

Chris Grant made some gambles and lost all of them. I have no doubt he was heavily vested on Denver -3 and Under 46 on the Super Bowl.  He feels the Padres are “a lock” for the Series this year.  He is right now pumping his severance package onto the “field” on a felt craps table at the Horseshoe.  I can see him screaming at the eye in the sky… “I will bring this casino down! You hear me Gilbert? You hear me?!”  Reportedly everyone in the organization hated him as his hands were in everything whereas perhaps he should have spent a bit more time considering that Anthony Bennent pick at #1 overall.  As a GM, when the opportunity presents itself to pick anyone in the world to come play for your team, it may be important to ascertain if that person is able to actually play basketball at the NBA level.

So now the Cavs find themselves stuck in the same basic shithole as when LeBron blew town.  They have a horrible roster. No one wants to play here. They wasted key draft picks on what turned out to be weak drafts. It appears hopeless.

The good news? They appear to have their shit together better than the Browns.

Go Cavs.
-Greg Miller
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