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The unfounded optimism of the upcoming Browns season has been put to rest with a resounding thud.  Last night the 3-13 Washington Redskins made it apparent to even the most casual observer that the Browns Quarterback Controversy is not really about picking between two highly skilled athletes, but the startling realization that both of these players cannot hope to be competitive in the NFL.  The Browns seem so totally bereft of talent on the offensive side of the ball, that they harken back to the real golden age of Cleveland Browns football, the fabled Travis Prentice/ Kevin Johnson/Jujuan Dawson juggernaut of 2000.  It’s odd to think that in a few weeks we might actually say out loud, “Man, remember when they could complete that slant pass?  Couch to Darrin Chiaverini.  Now those were the good old days…”

Brian Hoyer looks suspiciously like a career backup I saw play in the preseason a few years ago named “Brian Hoyer”.  You can tell he knows where he wants to throw the ball.  It’s just he can’t quite get it there.  It is interesting that the entire city was under the mass delusion that all the NFL’s personnel men totally underestimated the upside of Brian Hoyer, and whatever old Browns regime decided he was worth adding to the team somehow snuck a future star in under everyone else’s nose.  The consistent example that gets trotted out is Tom Brady, as if that one outlier was in fact a blueprint for organizational success.  You know who are 1st round picks who quickly established themselves as guys to build an offense around?  Peyton Manning, Cam Newton, Andrew Luck, Matt Stafford and Matt Ryan.  You know who wasn’t?  Nobody that you would want to build a team around.

So I guess that means that Johnny Manziel is the guy?  Well, from what I saw, he seems like a fella in over his head.  I would also like to note that he looked like he was over his head against the second string of a team that was 3-13 last year.  Meanwhile Brandon Weeden, without question the greatest Brown of the New Era, tore up similar competition before getting down to the business of being Brandon Weeden in the regular season.  This is a chilling realization.  Remember when skeptics said Manziel was too small, didn’t have a big enough arm, and wasn’t suited for the NFL game?  Last night it looked like he was really small, didn’t have a big enough arm, and wasn’t suited for the NFL game.  Right now as the team is reviewing film, I would bet that the crystal clear thought of “uh-oh” has flickered on inside multiple coaches heads.

An argument can be made that there is very little talent in the receiving core.  This isn’t totally true, as if this was 2010 and the team had Miles Austin and Nate Burlson, the receiving core would be referred to as “kinda kickass”.   Unfortunately it is 2014 and last night the crappy Redskins ran out four receivers so much better than any of the Browns, it had to be eye opening to Ray Farmer.  Sure, Josh Gordon is really good, but he is really like an imaginary friend more than a guy on the roster.  Let’s forget about him, unless the “I didn’t inhale” defense somehow works out at the NFL offices.1

This leads to the next logical discussion.  Is Rex Grossman currently the best QB in camp?  I recognize that Grossman has a long and spectacular history of being really shitty, but he played (really poorly) in a Super Bowl.  At one time, a team could win with him.  Is he on the downward slope of a checkered career?  Of course.  Yet, he might actually be the guy that gives the team the best chance to win.  I would also like to note that if this is a conversation that is even being kicked around your favorite football team, it is reasonable to expect that football team to win no more than four games.

Grossman, of course, won’t and shouldn’t play.  He is right now trying to figure out which is his favorite visor and clipboard.  He’s probably watching a lot of Netflix in a leased condo in Westlake.  He is relaxed and ready to pipe in during QB meetings while shuffling around in workout shorts.  Manziel is going to play.  It has been willed by The Gods.  If a team drafts a guy at pick #22, he is going to play.  The only question remains if Hoyer will be offered as a sacrificial lamb in the opening run of Pittsburgh/New Orleans/Baltimore.  After going 0-3 and scoring a total of 20 points in the three games, the fans will be clamoring for a different guy to go 12-36 for 165 yards and 2 picks each week.  The idea that John W. Football Jr. has “learned what it takes to be a QB in the NFL” will be wafted out.  Hoyer will be able to comfortably nestle into a Ty Detmer role of a spurned former savior, and eat at local restaurants in total peace.   The good news is that most of October the team can then talk about the “development” of Johnny Manziel as the dark cloud of “this guy might suck” begins to creep slowly into the fan’s general consciousness.  By late November we can all get back to the tradition of speculating on potential draft choices and possible QB options available by the time the Browns draft at pick 5 or 6.

Las Vegas has the over/under on the Browns wins this season at 6.5.  I am thinking that the UNDER might be a good play…

Go Browns.

-Greg Miller
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  1. If it does, I plan on committing some awful crimes and hiring that legal crew afterwards, so be forewarned. []

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