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The Willing Suspension of Disbelief


I find it very confusing that the Browns won a game that history has taught us they generally lose. I wasn’t excited about the win over the Saints. I reacted in much the same way I would at seeing a flying saucer hovering over downtown Cleveland. I stared at the game with open mouth wonder. I must have looked like a Pygmy the first time an intrepid explorer whipped out a lighter. I could not make sense of what I was seeing. The entire world had turned upside down. The Browns had marched the entire length of the field in the last two minutes and beaten what appears to be a legitimate NFL team in the home opener. It’s a world gone mad.

This is such strange new territory for Browns fans. The team appears to be OK, which is so far away from the normal “horrible” or “miserable” that it is hard to know what to do. There will be an immediate contingency of fans that will work their way through the schedule with the “OK… The Ravens aren’t that good, so we beat them. Titans after the bye is a win. Thats easy. We will beat the Steelers at home. Hell, we shoulda had ’em in Pittsburgh. Then we win three in a row over the Jags, Bucs, and Raiders. That should put us at 7-1 when the Bengals roll into town…”

I don’t want to rain on that parade, but I think 12-4 and AFC North Dominance is a bit much to expect. Vegas had them at 6.5 wins for the over/under, and that looks about right. Still, to even consider 7 wins as possible after two weeks into the season is an amazing thing for Browns fans. Usually by now fans are trying to dump their December tickets and are busy speculating on the next potential QB in the draft. Good lord. The season might be fun.

Despite the win, the Browns still have that self destructive culture in house. The bizarre use of Manziel seemed like the Browns being very Browny, but someone then came to their senses and decided to let Hoyer keep playing decently. It was very odd that everything was clipping along pretty well, and then the team decided to attempt to revive a potential QB controversy. “Hey everyone! I just wanted to remind you that even though the offense is playing well, Johnny Fucking Football is still over there on the sideline waiting for Hoyer to fuck up!” Clearly the team wants to win, but preferably with Manziel.

No matter. We will take what we can get. The concept of hope on a weekly basis is so foreign here that the euphoria of the Saints win is understandable. In most NFL cities, fans roll into the week thinking “If we can do this or that, we might beat Denver this week.” To make the shift to that mindset from “if a mother of a snowstorm rolls in and Peyton Manning loses his leg to frostbite, maybe we don’t lose by three touchdowns” will be an adjustment. I don’t know if I am ready.
-Greg Miller
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1 Comment for “The Willing Suspension of Disbelief”

  1. Bicycle Bob


    After watching a good chuck of the game again, I am comfortable in saying that the Browns played like a good football team. Perhaps they are a good football team.

    Note: I strive to not be a partaker of any flavor of Kool-Aid. I also strive to never imbibe Hatorade. Except when it concerns Art Modell: he can eat a bag of dicks.

    While we share the desire to remain rational after a (HOLY FUCK!!!, WASN’T THAT AN AWESOME) victory, I don’t believe I’m suspending disbelief, based on a few fundamental points:

    For the past six quarters, the Browns have played above the level of a low-end playoff team.

    In eight quarters, no fumbles.

    In eight quarters, no interceptions.

    Depth: superb performance by a team sporting replacements for Gordon, Tate, Cameron, etc.

    “The bizarre use of Manziel”: Inserting Manziel for a few plays was a predictable second-half-ploy to make the next few opponents have to expend planning resources to prepare for the possibly of Johnny Bag-O-Hype***.

    *** Since well before the draft, it’s been my stated opinion that Johnny Manziel is a Bag of Hype. Perhaps the most hyped bag of ESPNFL ever. Post draft, as a Browns fan, I hope that the Manziel Bag is full of substance.

    **** I hope that substance is not cocaine.

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