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I had wondered what “unmitigated disaster” looked like, and at long last I was fortunate enough to be able to witness the definition in action Sunday at Browns Stadium.  The John W. Football Era in Cleveland will be short and brutal.  It will be filled with very short runs, high intercepted passes, and confusion.  It will conclude with the Browns once again casting their line in the NFL draft pool hoping for the best but fearing the worst.  John Manziel, unless he makes remarkable strides in a very short time, will be one of those photos that gets flashed during Browns game broadcasts when the announcing team recaps the litany of failed answers at QB over the years.  “He was no Brady Quinn, I’ll tell ya that!”  The pre-draft fears that Manziel was too small, arm too weak, and his “run around and make something happen” style of play would not translate to the NFL seems right on point.  You saw it.  Manziel looked completely overmatched out there amongst the grownups.

Let’s also be honest.  Manziel had no help whatsoever.  The Browns offensive line was terrible.  Those guys got shoved around like freshmen at a high school dance.  I don’t know if the Bengals defensive line was saying things like “What’s the matter, pussy?  You gonna cry?  You gonna cry to Mama, pussy?”, but they really did have the right.  Even anti-bullying activists would have said, “Well, normally I would say there is no place for bullying, but in this case it’s OK.  Those guys were kinda pussies out there.”  If Fox Sports was on top of their game, they would have shown a shot of John Greco with a quivering lower lip and tears streaming down his face as the otherwise shitty Bengals defensive front stood in his face taunting him.  The Steelers dropped 42 on the Bengals last week, so those Bengals guys should really stay in their shoes.  They will flame out in the playoffs like they do every year.  It’s a holiday tradition like fruitcake.  Every dog has his day, and Sunday was clearly theirs.

It’s a shame that newspapers can’t print really honest headlines.  It would have to boost sales in that struggling industry.  For example, who wouldn’t buy a newspaper with the headline of “Holy Shit!  That Was A Disaster!” or “Oh Fuck, Manziel Blows!  What Now?”.    I’m stopping everything and reading that article.  I’m not really interested in “Tough Day For Offense”.  Let’s cut the crap.  “Bengals Beat The Fuck Out Of Browns, Can We Put Hoyer Back In?” is what I’m looking for… Or maybe “Pettine Admits: Manziel Sucks But We Drafted Him #1 So We Gotta Play Him”.   What the hell do they do now?

It is hard to imagine Manziel becoming a legit QB.  He doesn’t seem to know what is going on out there.  His natural inclination is to try to run at the first sign of pressure, which is an issue as everyone is as fast or faster than he is.  He loves tossing the ball up for grabs, which worked great at Texas A&M when your stud receiver was six inches taller and could out jump the boys he was playing against by a foot.  Here everyone can jump out of the stadium.  There’s also that sneaking suspicion that Manziel doesn’t listen to any coaching advice.  “Fuck that, I’m going to do what got me here.  I got a Heisman that says I know what’s up!”.   It appears every one of his strengths is negated by the athleticism at this level.  The good news is that we will get two more games of seeing Manziel flame out and watch people try to distance themselves from the disaster.  It’s what I always wanted…

Remember a few weeks ago when everyone was swaggering around ready to print up playoff tickets?  It seems absurd now, doesn’t it?  As far as I can tell, the offense might never score again.  “Not scoring ever” is going to get in the way of winning games, so here comes a 7-9 finish.  That places them in the middle of the pack of the draft, at about Pick 22 where they got Quinn, Weeden ,and Manziel.  Who knows what re-tread or pipedream rookie gets tossed into the fire next year?  A scratch n’ dent RG3?    Maybe they screw around with Manziel for a year and enter the 2016 draft in their traditional Top 10 position after going 4-12.  Either way, it is painfully obvious that the team does not have a QB that projects to be able to win games consistently in the NFL.  The good news is that things are the same as always.  We are back in 2002 hoping to get lucky and find someone, anyone that can play QB.  It’s comforting in a way, getting ready to debate about the upcoming version of Blaine Gabbert vs. Christian Ponder As Franchise QB.

Go Browns.

-Greg Miller
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