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In Remembrance Of The Whitehurst Era


There wasn’t a single person on the planet that thought the Browns could beat New England.  One would think that would mean that this game would provide almost no entertainment, but that’s where the Browns came though once again in this ‘The Magical Season’.  Browns Football, A Joyride On A Unicorn.  I fully expected Kessler to get hurt at some point, but Charlie Whitehurst too?  That’s absolute gold and what makes the Browns “must see” TV every week.

Over the last few weeks I have heard many Browns hardcore fans starting to buy in to the idea that the team is on the brink of reeling off a few wins.  The NFL is cruel.  There has never been an example of a team becoming winners by losing endlessly, yet the sales pitch of “young guys growing together” and “just needing to learn how to finish games” has tricked a few fans here locally.  Allow me to teach people how to “finish off a game”.  Remember how you did what you were supposed to do earlier and were winning the game?  Keep doing that.

The dramatic difference in class between the Browns and Patriots was in full view.  The Patriots could have scored 50 if they wanted to, whereas the Browns sort of resembled a professional football team.  The Browns have NO CHANCE to beat a top level NFL team unless they can poison their opponent’s Gatorade or provide their own referees as if a road game in Cleveland was akin to playing one in North Korea.  They are not even close to being a competitive team.  They are the Browns.  They have always been the Browns.  They will continue to be the Browns.

We all knew Kessler would get hurt.  A wispy boy playing behind the Browns line is going to get hurt.  Kessler sort of reminds me of those 17th century cabin boys that had to fight off pirates while on the high seas.  You admire the kid’s moxy, but you know he will wind up impaled on a sword or used as some sort of sex puppet for the invading crew.  I hope for his sake Kessler has got this football business out of his system and can now go home to work for his father’s insurance agency.  (Note:  I don’t really know anything about his family but I’m sticking with that as a fact until proven otherwise.)

“The Charlie Whitehurst Era” was maybe one of my favorite times to be a Browns fan.  Though only about 26 minutes long, Browns fans will look back upon it fondly for years to come.  Years from now any fan lucky enough to still be in the stadium in the second through third quarter will be able to hush any crowd by clearing his throat and saying, “I was there.  Section 114.  I was there.  During The Charlie Whitehurst Era.  And it was as great as everyone says it was, maybe better.”  When Charlie pulled up lame there in the fourth quarter, presumably ending this storied time in Browns History, I was thinking about how he looked like I did when I pulled a meniscus getting out of the shower last year.  Charlie Whitehurst and I are both middle-aged guys that should limit how often we try to run at full speed.  Now Charlie, like I did, learned his lesson.  Goodbye Charlie, thanks for the memories.

Now at 0-5 with four QBs injured, I like the Browns chances to lose next week in what I thought was a possible “trap game” in Tennessee. It’s too early to tell which injured journeyman will roll out at QB next week, but no matter who it is, it won’t be pretty.  I’d like to see if Kyle Orton or Jon Kitna is floating around out there before we toss another cabin boy out there, but I’m sure analytics will guide the front office. I feel more and more like this is a Team of Destiny.  This is the Browns organization finest work, maybe their masterpiece.  Let’s enjoy this.  Let’s go the distance!

Go Browns.


-Greg Miller

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