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Browns Lose Again, And It’s Time To Just Let Them Go


The Browns did not win.  This was not surprising as it is impossible to imagine a scenario in which they ever win again.  The Giants did what they tend to do, which is play to the level of their competition.  This means that the Giants played horribly though most of the game, flipped a switch in the fourth quarter and left with a win.  The Giants defensive front so thoroughly outclassed the Browns offensive line that they sacked McCown seven times yet that somehow seemed less than it should have been.  The Browns could not run the ball and do not appear to be ever able to do that again either.  I will have to look it up but I think the longest run Isiah Crowell has had since week 4 was a six yard gain.  The Browns offense now consists exclusively of throwing the ball in the general direction of Pryor and Barnidge on 2nd/3rd and nine.  In case you’ve missed the last few games, it hasn’t been working very well.

The Browns did line up in some formations that I think Jim Donovan referred to as “wacky ass” before lining up in traditional sets prior to the snap.  This appeared to serve no purpose whatsoever.  In the team meetings prior to the game I believe it was discussed in this manner.  “OK guys, we are going to have almost all of you line up way out on the sideline.  This is going to confuse the shit out of them.  Then we will trot back over to our usual set and wait long enough to allow them to get back into position.  After that Josh will throw it behind Barnidge.  Any questions?”

This team is horrible.  They make the 1999 expansion Browns look exciting.  Even all the national press has bailed on them.  Jimmy Johnson appeared to be personally insulted by the team’s total lack of talent at halftime as he stammered out “I don’t see how they can win a game.”  Any remaining national talking head that insists the Browns will win this season has obviously not seen the team play.  There is NO CHANCE of a win unless our old friend Marvin Lewis in Cincinnati does what he does best and loses to an inferior roster.  However, no team wants to be the guys that lost to the 0-12 team, so I like the Browns chances of going all the way.

Let’s be confident.  The Browns are barely a professional football team.  I still maintain that we should demand that these rubes in Berea either close this down disbanding the team, or quietly move to another city that doesn’t realize what a blight this team will be to their town’s identity.  It’s hard to believe that it was considered a minor victory for the City of Cleveland to keep the Browns name and team logos/colors.  Those horrible brown tights and orange shirts the team wore on Sunday were no victory.  Let’s let some other city deal with those.  Why do we have to have the team with brown leggings?  At this point we would be better off starting from scratch.  At least we wouldn’t have to see our half empty stadium on TV with primarily the other team’s fans with a smattering of Browns fans in sad Charlie Frye jerseys.  Let’s let the whole thing go. Holding onto the team legacy and history is not a good thing.  Remembering Cleveland Browns Football history is like being a paroled sex criminal that has to go door to door and explaining what he did to his new horrified neighbors.  Shame and regret.  

Too harsh?  OK, how about this…  The Browns are like a car that has too many miles on it.  It breaks down all the time.  When one thing is repaired, two more things break in response.  No matter how much money and effort are poured into the car, it just won’t run well.  It is fundamentally flawed.  One day a mechanic will walk out from the back garage slowly wiping his hands on a rag.  “I can try and fix it if you want, but you’re just throwing good money after bad.  It’s time to let this go.  Just get a new car.”  It’s best for the city if we just let this go.  It can’t be fixed.  Let’s see if we can get anything in trade and get out of this thing.  Sell the team to Vegas, take the money and repair the roads.  If we decide we miss the NFL, we can always create a new team in a few years.   

Alas, that is unlikely.  People aren’t ready for that yet.  We will just have to focus in on what really matters, The Perfect Season and the parade.  At 0-12 the team is 75% there.  The bye week comes at just the right time as the team can now become totally focused on tossing RG3 back out there and losing the last 4 games confidently.  With Greco in a walking boot, that puts Griffin in the unenviable position of being fragile and having to run for his life with no blocking whatsoever.  This does not bode well for his immediate or long term future.  If I were Griffin I would consider having a close family friend take a ballpeen hammer to that shoulder of his and re-break it so these last 2016 season Browns games don’t have to serve as his audition tape.  “Damn shame I couldn’t get back out there!  I don’t have any footage from 2016, but let me send you some stuff from when I was rookie of the year!”.  He’s got a bye week to do the smart thing.  This team is going 0-16.  The last thing any player wants is to be on that footage trudging off the field when the 16th loss is final, much less at the starting QB.  That Gatorade endorsement sure was a long time ago, eh Robert?

Go Browns.


-Greg Miller

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