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So This Is What 0-14 Looks Like


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It’s not that the Browns lost to the Bills.  Everyone on the planet knew that was going to happen.  I read a fantasy football projection that said something like LeSean McCoy was expected to “run for 768 yards and 14 touchdowns”.   The Browns would not have been able to stop the Bills even if the Bills would have sent them their exact play calls and then held an in-depth Q&A session with the Browns right before game time.  “Guys, we want to stress that we will give McCoy the ball on a little delay and then go right with it.  Let’s go over our blocking scheme again just so you are crystal clear on what we are going to do.”  It wouldn’t have made any difference.  The Browns looked exactly like an 0-14 team is supposed to look… outmatched and helpless.

However, it’s like I said.  It really isn’t a big deal that the Browns lost this game.  We all knew it was coming.  I think the big deal is that it is almost impossible to remember a time when fans thought the Browns were going to win a game.  Seriously, it has been three years since the team could have that “any given Sunday” idea applied to them that they had a chance to win at kickoff.  They are now 3-32 in their last 35 games.  That is an astounding 8% winning percentage.  Eight (8) percent.  To put that into perspective, that is like the Cavs going 6-76 or the Indians going 13-149.  

There is no question that the team is going 0-16.  This is a team that continues to get worse week by week despite the season being tanked in the name of “progress”.  Remember all the shit talk about “player development”?  They have almost no talent on the roster, and that talent that is there was acquired by previous dipshit regimes.  Are fans supposed to be excited about the “development” of Coleman at WR?  That guy is invisible.  Ogbah has made a few sacks but is largely a non-factor.  The three other receivers they drafted can’t get open or can’t get on the field to prove they can’t get open.  This “young core of talent” is a group of players who will be cut from the roster over the next two years and out of pro football.  Whereas in New York “if you can make it there, you’ll make it anywhere”, with Cleveland it’s “if you can’t make it there, you’re going to be a gym teacher in 60 days”.

It is not surprising that the team is 0-14.  It is also not surprising that the team is showing little ability to evaluate talent.  Look at it with clarity.  A guy that owns truckstops hired a lawyer, a baseball executive, and a scout from the Colts to compete against other businesses which have proven NFL front office personnel at the helm.  How could that possibly work?  If you put me in charge of running the Montreal Canadians, within three weeks an angry mob of Canucks would have me strung up and dunking my junk in boiling poutine.  I would deserve it, but I maintain I could win more than 8% of the time.  

At this point the only thing to focus on is going all the way and having The Parade.  I love the 0-16 parade.  It’s a great way for fans to distance themselves from the inept organization that unfortunately carries our city’s name on it and finally have some fun at the stadium.  The Browns took everyone’s money with their bullshit empty corporate talk and played the fans for fools.  Now it’s their turn to take their medicine.  Sure, some people that don’t get the joke are all riled up about it.  Did you hear about WKNR’s Tony Rizzo making threats to anyone that attends or participates in The Parade?  Fuck that guy.  I think most people at the parade will be ready to fight “The Rizz” if need be, but he should just stay home.  He seems a little brittle.  My gut tells me that this party, as well as most others, will be more fun without him.  We are so close to my dream coming true.  So very close…  

Go Browns.         


-Greg Miller
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