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Week 3: Our Brownsy Season Dance Is In Full Swing


There can’t be much debate.  The Browns are once again the worst team in the NFL.  In a game in which they were favored on the road, something of a gambling unicorn, they showed why they should never be expected to win a road game under any circumstances.  They somehow made a Jacoby Brissett led Colt offense look absolutely lethal, and fell behind so far, so quickly, that Kizer threw 47 passes.  Kizer had a horrible looking stat line, but his 22-47 isn’t nearly as bad when you consider that his receivers dropped about half of those incompletions.  Now, I am not an NFL personnel expert.  I have not done the “analytics”.  However, I have a gut feeling that maybe the front office didn’t spend enough time evaluating the receiver position as no one seems to be able to catch the ball.  “Catching the ball” is a very important trait in a receiver, one that most of these Browns seem not to have in full supply.

I am a little confused as to why Duke Johnson does not get more touches.  If I was Hue Jackson, I would note that Johnson is the only player that can seem to do anything with the ball once he gets it in his hands.  Instead Hue Jackson goes with the following game plan.  First three series:  Run Crowell up the gut twice to create third and long scenarios.  Have Kizer hold the ball too long and get sacked.  Punt.  Rest of game:  Have Kizer chuck it down the field to guys that can’t catch a football.  Punt it.  Look exasperated on sideline while holding giant laminated card.  Go to press conference and talk about needing to get better and how young the team is.  Look surprised when reporters ask you why you keep putting a rookie QB in the position of having to win the game by himself.  Talk about looking at the tape and getting better next week.  Repeat.

The Browns defense played about as bad a first half as you will ever see.  All week long they must have talked about not letting T.Y. Hilton beat them.  It’s the only guy on the Colts you have to really worry about.  They put Peppers in the “angel” position, a new term that they must already dread saying publicly.  Why the free safety needs to start the play completely out of position that deep is confusing.  How T.Y. Hilton was able to run past him with stunning ease is even more confusing.  Wasn’t that guy a #1 draft pick?  Shouldn’t he be able to cover Hilton at least every so often?  Hilton could have showered and gone home at halftime.  He won the game for the Colts by 2:15p.  

I also don’t understand how the Browns had no solution to Brisset jogging in for touchdowns.  You would think someone on the defense would be assigned to keep an eye on the guy with the ball close to the goal line.  Maybe it was supposed to be Peppers, who in the “angel” position was presumably standing in the parking lot before the snap.  The Colts had scored 22 points all season and dropped 28 on the Browns in a half hour.  Ballgame.  Thanks for coming.  The only real highlight was the guy dancing in front of Kizer’s parents like he had his dick in his beer.  Unlike the Browns defense, that guy came to REPRESENT.  

This was a game that you know the Browns had internally circled as a win.  They figured they could pick up a win here, and cruise into a couple of games they could win at home against Cincinnati and the Jets.  Suddenly you are 3-2 or maybe 2-3, and “The Process” is working for all to see.  Instead they just let Jacoby Brissett beat them with a bunch of players whose names he doesn’t know yet, and they are sitting 0-3 with Cincinnati and the Jets breathing life.  Now maybe we are talking about 0-5 with the tough teams on the way, and local sports talk is focused on the NFL Draft by Halloween.  This is looking all bad once again.  I know they are supposedly improving, but after two years shouldn’t they be competitive with bad teams like the Colts?  

Go Browns.


-Greg Miller

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