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The Parade

I went to the Browns Perfect Season Parade.  I will admit it.  I was curious as to what would happen.  I heard complaints from various corners about the parade. Such “Fanscots” (a Mike James term he should trademark) as Bone Lady and Pumpkinhead did some soul searching and didn’t attend as the event must have […]

Weak 17: Perfection (I Love A Parade!)

In the end, it took one guy to step up and make a play.  The entire season of absolute perfection was on the line and by God, Corey Coleman did what he had to do.  It seems almost impossible that a man that is employed to do one thing, catch the football, was unable to […]

Weak 16: Merry Christmas DeShone Kizer

At no point did it appear that the Browns were going to compete with the Bears.  I would categorize this as “highly unsettling” as the Bears are likely the second worst team in the NFL to the Browns.  The Browns are two years into a multi year rebuild and have somehow become worse than they […]

Weak 15: DeShone Kizer Is The Worst QB Ever

I stopped watching the Browns game midway through the third quarter.  By the looks of the stadium, most of the remaining fan base had bailed out as well.  By that point Kizer has singlehandedly insured the 14th loss of the season with yet another strip sack in the end zone and yet another pick in […]

Weak 14: Let’s Play Browns Lose Again “Fill In The Blank”

Allow me to be completely honest with you.  I did not watch anything but the bitter end of that game, I was busy with more important matters, as you probably should have been as well.  I am out on the West Coast where Cleveland Browns football is a sad thing to have come up in […]

Weak 13: The Never Ending Pit Of Doom

In what was a foregone conclusion, the Browns lost again.  At no point did it seem possible that the Browns would or could win the game.  The Browns looked completely outmatched.  This is clearly an issue when the opponent is 5-6 going in.  I would say that the team has hit bottom, but the one […]

Week 12: Sad Ass Browns Play Another Game Of Continued Failure

The Browns game today was like one of those Hollywood chick flicks.  Within five seconds of looking at it, it was apparent what was going to happen.  The really nice girl in glasses would take off her glasses for prom and only then would it be discovered that she had the looks of a sexy […]

Week 11: Why In The Hell Are Fans Still Going To These Games?!

In what was perhaps the most exciting play of the season, Jacksonville recovered yet another Kizer fumble in the end zone for what appeared to most as an otherwise meaningless touchdown.  That play for me was absolutely wonderful.  I was dancing around in my living room almost crying as I had taken what is referred […]

Week 10: Holy Shit, Browns Played Watchable Football… Just Not Winnable Football

It gives you a good idea how low a franchise has sunk when getting thumped by the Lions by 14 points is considered a high water mark.  Yet is was undeniable that for a good portion of the game I was thinking about various scenarios on how the Browns would lose at the end as […]

Browns Bungle Trade – Special Edition

By now I am sure you heard that the Browns somehow bungled trading for AJ McCarron because they couldn’t get the forms sent in correctly.  There is a version of the story where the Browns say the Bengals messed up the paperwork, but this doesn’t jive with any facts on NFL trade protocol.  There is […]

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