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The NBA Lockout and Why it Didn’t Matter

  I’ve been meaning to weigh in on the NBA lockout (and its resolution?) for months now, but I’ve struggled to make enough sense of it to say anything valuable. Luckily, my former classmate and erstwhile lawyer Mike Wu has done it for me. I think he’s right, for the most part, particularly about the […]

WWE Cleveland Night RAW

What I didn’t want to write is ”The Uninitiated Liberal’s Guide to Professional Wrestling.” I didn’t want to walk into the Q for Monday Night RAW with no preparation, just hoping for glimpses of mullets and juggalo tattoos to titter over with my friends. That being said: the juggalo tattoos were hilarious, and the mullet-count […]

How Oregon Football Keeps Winning

[Brief disclaimer: I love my ducks.] Just in time for tonight’s Oregon vs. LSU game, Michael Kruse of Grantland has taken one of the most absurd arguments in sports, somehow made it more specious and then attempted to codify it with some sociological hooey. He integrated a common Grantland formula (true + obvious = uninteresting) with a bit of intellectual […]

Castillo vs. Corrales: Symmetry and the Sweet Science

  Castillo said, “this fight will be like two buffaloes colliding.” For ten brutal, exhilarating rounds, it was. They stood eye-to-eye in the center of the ring and moved only closer together, head bent aghast over the other’s shoulder. Castillo threw uppercuts and Corrales responded each time with a right hook and the sickening ratatat of low […]

Ultimate Socrates

As you’ve probably heard, Marvel recently introduced Miles Morales, the half-black, half-Hispanic (and possibly gay) Spiderman to replace the recently deceased Peter Parker in its latest incarnation of the legend, Ultimate Spiderman. The Washington Post article asserts that Marvel’s decision reflects an attempt to be forward-thinking about what American superheroes should look like, as well as a response to the […]

Kids Say the Darndest Things at Baseball Parks

I was at Progressive Field the other day for that unfortunate milestone of the Tribe getting no-hit, down in section 167, and a straight shot from Eagle Avenue. In the second half of the game, a tiny voice three rows back punched through the throbbing din of the unemployed and truant Wednesday afternoon crowd. At […]

“Wassup” with Beer these days?

Reading this harrowing piece on the Anheuser-Busch dynasty reminded me of something I’ve noticed lately: beer advertisements are not what they used to be. I’m not asking, “hey, remember how funny those Budweiser bullfrogs were? Those Budweiser bullfrogs were really funny.” They weren’t funny. The towering success of that campaign, like NASCAR, simply doesn’t make sense to me. And, like NASCAR, […]

The Simmons problem

The Defend Cleveland Show for WRUW 91.1 FM, Cleveland has always sought to tether itself between there needing to be more than a manufactured pandered “take” on the world of sports, and that of its study and research filtered through influences which aren’t afraid to extend beyond the sports world alone. In other words all […]

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