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NFL Draft 2016 Round 1: Picks 1-15

I cut the cord on cable and am streaming ESPN on my laptop. I will cover the draft until the Browns make a selection and then out. This is a nice time for a beer but I feel exotically hopped up on this Starbucks blonde. While I wait for the draft to begin (someone is […]

Mike James’ Week 12 NFL Picks

We at Defend Cleveland hope your Thanksgiving weekend has been wonderful and filled with friends, family, food and football. Mike has spent the holiday away from home which we think is what gave him the idea to choose only road teams this week. Our official statistician Mr. Sanders wanted to be on record for saying, “According to […]

Mike James’ Week 11 NFL Picks

Last week Mike told a friend of his who’s a police officer about these NFL Picks of the Week he’s been posting here. This turned out to be a real bad idea. It’s one thing to go 0-3 in his picks, Mike’s done that multiple times this year, but it’s a whole other thing when his friend, […]

Mike James’ Week 10 NFL Picks

Last week we introduced the Randomizer Picks and let Mike battle both the Vegas odds and chance. What did we learn? Mike in his picks went 1-2 as did the Randomizer, so all we can really deduce is something we already knew: when betting against the spread, it isn’t the person who thinks they know way too much […]

Mike James’ Week 9 NFL Picks

We mentioned this was for entertainment purposes only, right? Mike is 14-9-1 on the year but 1-8 over the last 3 weeks and as such our representation said it’s best we make that disclaimer. Meanwhile our statistician Mr. Sanders suggested we should just blindly throw darts to make our picks. He’s no Colonel. But he did […]

Mike James’ Week 8 NFL Picks

“Pomposity”. Just think, for this word to exist it means that back when Latin was still in its developmental stages there was someone who acted so pompously, additional suffixes were needed to better describe this asshole. These were the days of Homer and epic poetry, and apparently they were a little too epic at times. Over the last couple weeks pomposity might best describe Mike James’ […]

Mike James’ Week 7 NFL Picks

So, last week was shit. How is it Mike misses on just 1 pick through 5 weeks of NFL action, only to miss on all 3 picks he made in Week 6? Was arrogance his ultimate downfall? Will he redeem himself this week? Either way, it’s sure to be a gamble. —– 13-4-1 on the […]

Mike James’ Week 6 NFL Picks

As heard on the Defend Cleveland Podcast with Mike and Joe, Mike is currently 13-1-1 for the season in picking 3 NFL games a week against the spread. And his success has totally gone straight to his head. Will he be right again in his picks this week? Will his success only feed his ego even further? […]

Why Pitchers Shouldn’t Hit

 And now a quick Defend Cleveland stance on getting rid of pitchers ever hitting in the MLB again. Aka, All Hail the Designated Hitter! Don’t blame us for this one, we had to talk about something on this the slowest day of sports in a calendar year, so here you go… Beyond all the business […]

Brian Hoyer—Man About Town

  This last week I was so damn lucky as to sit in a booth next to Hoyer and an unknown confidant at an Avon Lake cafe where we both were having lunch—a cafe oddly close in proximity to Mr. Hero but that is a different story. Woof woof. As a debutante of the western […]

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