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Bird Watching in Preparation—Campbell, Bess—Poe, Dahl, Faulkner, McNulty, Donovan




In breaking down complex psychological conditions and para-logical modes of standard AFC North football teams it is useful to use conceit and hereditary differences, mirroring the film room antics of the Browns all week, potentially perched in blinds throughout the Midwestern wilderness, Sonoran sandy river beds, Texas chill houses, cool night skies they sent Campbell and ribs to destination after destination, poised for greatness through biological and comparative study

He spent the inflight time brushing up on movies and picking authors to generate game plans from, deciding in exogenesis and excess that decrepit Poe references not quite dead enough, perhaps the bed-ridden Buckets of Dahl-ian fame bore the highest resemblance to disassembled Super Bowl champion, hardball after Harbaugh, Campbell returned to meet in secret with Bess and Little among others, scheming to use Cameron as secondary bait, the tight bastard can pull em from all over the field so apologies to ur fantasy team, you fat pay-check-humpers and money-bumpers and back-fuckers who in your haste chose leagues not awarding points for magnetizing defenders and moving them by polar power

Declarative of just how they would and what they would, as enigmatic as any podium great, Devon Bess held a press conference and to paraphrase:

“doin it head to toe, sending em head to toe back and dead like the elder Buckets they aint the old Satin Bowerbirds, not even Satin Bower Gentry, so sick of them feeding on carrion, perching little passerines or corvidae cattle herders, ”the common raven” quoth a few in modern mythological circles, American Crow, Chihuahuan Raven, North American Absilom, Absilom! as often referred to in American Football, a moniker given in haste to a faux franchise and philandering mistake taken from the lake and moved to the land of The Wire” a regular rah rah rah

what a difference a week makes huh Jim Donovan? you goddam media puppet, what a great interview question jesus you mainstream fuckers suck at empathy

-Jon Conley

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