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Why We Love

why we love

We are warmed by the hearth of football. Often times the misconception comes from flagrant over-bearing, other times often ostentatious events of singular Sundays breathe the body warm. Since the decline of Western Civilization (the second half of the dismal season of the unspoken), patricide induction indeed takes us all by our little hands, breathing warm air into our faces saying see and behold O children of Midwestern midnight, there is no magic number of suffering, nothing of legend has ever been won by perseverance, enthusiasm and endurance as consolation are not trophies. We can repeat the mantras, nothing to live for, no god, no justice—with singular voices, with united voices, with coy little statuettes as we dwindle in numbers in the parking lots. The sweet air of the lots and airplanes, the lick of the maples off the unsalted coast, the night ride alone. We can jump in excessive joy at moral victories and count the first rounders fast approaching, ride the quarterback carousel and hope that the Mad Lightning Salesman never finds us, never brings the wicked things, until we are tucked in bed and we feel that which deep down haunts us, staring at the stinkbugs on the wall, wondered by wandering thought and the trails of essence and chemical debris left by the insects. The Browns have come home never championing anything, as if you’re not now then you never were. Stale magnification and bellied up-ed compasses say the right direction, we’re chugging in the right direction. Half-hearted mast of the males, please deliver us from hand held evil and lead us not into masturbation as the night turns into the ugly week we haven, we in. We pinch ourselves on the taint to once again believe we are not dreaming. We are not Dreamers. We are Fuck Christmas. We are Fuck Weather. We are Fuck 2013 and We are Go Browns.
-Jon Conley
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Listen to last Monday’s “The Defend Cleveland Show” in its entirety by clicking here.

The DC Show with host Mike James airs live every Monday morning from 9am-11:30am on WRUW-FM 91.1 Cleveland, and streams world wide here.

And listen every Friday to “Defend Cleveland Friday with Mike and Joe”  by clicking here, a weekly hour long Cleveland sports podcast companion to the DC Show that’s the best way to end you week, and the only way to begin your weekend.

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