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S.O.B. (Same Ol’ Browns)

S.O.B - Same Ol' Browns


It is comforting to know that the Browns will re-vamp their entire offensive approach, just as they have done each season since anyone can remember.  While the Steelers and Ravens chug ahead with stable franchises making long term plans and sticking with them, the Browns will once again chase their tails and attempt to hire a somewhat qualified offensive coordinator.  The pool of available talent will be made up of three types.  The Browns will interview talented guys on their way up.  They will not be able to hire these people as they are only using the interviews with the Browns to drive up their price for the job they really want.  Often these candidates won’t even actually interview here, but just make the threat that they will fly out to close whatever job they are really interested in.

The second group will be people that are totally untested, and the Browns will have to make a leap of faith with someone that will learn on the job.  If that person works out well, they will quickly become a “hot” head coaching candidate and leave here within two years.  If they suck, they will get blown out in a year like everyone else.  This is usually the Browns last resort, but with everyone else on staff not being that experienced in their current positions, it is probably tempting to pull the trigger on one of these type of guys.  These guys will respond to authority and not let loose in the press with, “Ummm… these guys don’t know what they are doing.  I say that because I have been with teams that know what they are doing, and it didn’t look like this.”  Can you imagine the Browns front office and coaching staff trying to control a guy like Rex Ryan if he was a coordinator?

The third, a group the Browns really love, are the dinged up war horse coaches that don’t have any other real options but to take a flier in Cleveland.  These are people that have been vilified at their current or last team and been effectively run out of town.  These are usually former second group candidates that have demonstrated that head coaching in the NFL is way above their head.  I’m looking at you Marc Trestman!  Can we roll Pat Shurmur back through?  Cleveland is the place these folks try to land before their quivering hand dials the number in Oakland.

It seems to me that the real story is the fracture between the coaches and front office about Manziel.  It seems reasonable that the coaching staff would have been seeing the same John W. Football that the rest of us saw vs Cincinnati on a daily basis, and believed they had no chance to win with Mr. Football.  They saw that guy every day.  I don’t think it would be necessary to have a great football mind to realize that John Football is completely outmatched on an NFL field.  We all saw what the situation is there.  It’s not happening.  Playing time is not the issue.  He is not an NFL quarterback.

If it is true that the front office, and God Help Us All, the owner, demand that Manziel play, then the problem is even bigger than finding a new coordinator.  All I know is that when owners get really involved you get either the Dallas Cowboys (who don’t win playoff games, except against the Lions), the Redskins, or the Bengals.  Al Davis was always very involved, and that went really well for Oakland.  In the 1970s.  Let me put it this way…  If I want someone to put together a football team, I’m thinking Bill Belichick not Jimmy Haslam.  Hey, I don’t want to appear like I’m taking pot shots at the owner.  He’s good at something, clearly.  He owns an NFL team for God’s sake.  There’s no way I put Bill Belichick in charge of truck stops filled with Oak Ridge Boys CDs, off brand electronics, corn dogs and beef jerky.  Everyone has different skill sets.  Let’s all do what we do.

I don’t know the specifics of how this is going to play out.  I do know that an uninspiring hire will be made for coordinator.  Then some pawn of a QB coach will be brought in, probably to help John Football “transition” to the Pro Game.  Let’s see if the coaching staff can say that at press conferences without cracking up.  This path will end in likely disaster as whatever veteran retread QB that is brought in (Hoyer, Matt Moore, TJ Yates) will clearly outplay Manziel in the preseason.  Now there’s two options.  The team can either start Manziel anyway since the public loss of face of him flaming out after seven actual quarters would be too much for the organization to endure.  I think we can agree that goes badly.  The other option is rolling into the season with the 27-32nd best QB in the league that will lead an offense learning their sixth offensive system in six years.  That will also end in disaster.  In December the fan base will be howling in anger, the head coach hung in effigy around burning torches, and sports talk shows will be filled with amateur scouting assessments of some college QB we haven’t even heard of yet.  It’s too grim to even think about.

I keep hearing that there is a new day in Berea.  You know what it looks like to me?  Same old Browns…

Go Browns.


-Greg Miller

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