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Mike James’ Week 9 NFL Picks


We mentioned this was for entertainment purposes only, right? Mike is 14-9-1 on the year but 1-8 over the last 3 weeks and as such our representation said it’s best we make that disclaimer. Meanwhile our statistician Mr. Sanders suggested we should just blindly throw darts to make our picks. He’s no Colonel. But he did get us thinking about randomness versus analysis in making these selections, so this week, for entertainment purposes only of course, we’re not only going to offer you Mike James’ standard analysis for his 3 picks, we also assigned all 26 teams playing this week a number 1-26 and used a true randomizer program to select another 3 picks for you1. Call it our attempt at beating randomness and chaos with logic and reason. A true showdown. Who will win? Can Mike beat chance? Everything’s a gamble.


14-9-1 on the year, 1-2 Week 8 record…


St. Louis +2 at Minnesota. Had the Bears defense not laid down and died in coverage over the final minutes against the Vikings last week I might not have had to add that “entertainment only” disclaimer this week. Do you know who’s not going to lay down and die defensively? Yes, Denver, you’re right, but more on them in a minute. The St. Louis Rams and Jeff Fisher have put together a top 5 defense that has been getting better each week and averaging over 2 takeaways and almost 4 sacks per game. Offensively they also now have a 2015 version of Eric Dickerson named Todd Gurley to throw at you who will be matched up against a 2015 version of Adrian Peterson, who, try as he might, is definitely not the 2012 version Adrian Peterson. Though the focus is mostly on these two studs heading into this one, which is deserved, it’s the emerging defenses for both teams that will end up the bigger story here with the Rams being the more dominant of the two, who I very much expect to see force Bridgewater and company into too many mistakes and multiple turnovers. Peterson is left pondering how far he is from retirement, Gurley is somewhat held in check and doesn’t find the end zone, but Rams still win by 3 or more.

Randomizer Pick One: #24 =  Cowboys +3 vs Eagles. Good luck with that you stupid software program.


Buffalo -3 versus Miami. Tyrod Taylor returns to action this week and the Bills already beat the Fins earlier this year by a hundred points with Taylor leading the way. Granted Dantallica is the coach for Miami now but the Dolphins just crashed down to earth at the hands of Brady and the Patriots in Week 8 after a couple weeks of success against weaker competition. Did you happen to see the Jets getting blown up by the Raiders last week following their own blowout loss to the Pats in Week 7? It’s called the Belichickian hangover, folks, and the Dolphins are sure to still be feeling the effects of it tomorrow in Buffalo. Rex Ryans’ boys won’t blow Miami out but I see a healthy Taylor paired with a healthy McCoy being too much for the Dolphins this week and the Bills winning by 5 or more.

Randomizer Pick Two: #18 = 49ers +7 vs Falcons. Chaos is a Blaine Gabbert fan, who knew?


Denver -5 at Indianapolis. The demise of Peyton Manning was a little premature, but this Broncos defense being touted as maybe the best in a quarter century seems right on point. Aaron Rodgers is a believer, that’s for sure. And speaking of QB demises, who would have thought Andrew Luck would ever have the type of year he’s having? We all know this Colts team is in shambles and it starts with ownership and works itself all the way down to the field, but Luck looks like he is playing hurt far more than anyone’s letting on. Either that or he’s been raiding Jim Irsay’s medicine cabinet for that pillow case full of heavy prescription drugs he keeps stashed away just for kicks. If that’s not the reason, once the Broncos defense is done chewing up the Colts this week no one would blame Luck if he did steal Irsay’s private stash. Peyton Manning goes back to the state where he first made his NFL name and it’s just another stop for the Broncos on their undefeated path to Week 10. Denver by 10 or more.

Randomizer Pick Three: #9 = Dolphins +3 at Buffalo. Nice job, randomizer, too bad you can’t read what I’ve already written. Reason > Chance.


– Mike James


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  1. To assign the number to each team we simply went down the list of games on VegasInsider and numbered them 1-26 from top to bottom []

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