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The Magical Season Keeps Rolling, Browns Lose To Titans


The Browns lost again.  This comes as no surprise to anyone watching the team as they provide little to no hope each week as they’re completely outclassed on the defensive line, defensive backfield, and offensive line.  It’s not even worth getting worked up about the “skill positions” as with the exception of Pryor and maybe Johnson there’s not much there.  While I am pleased that The Magical Season remains intact, I was very upset at the barrage of late garbage points blowing the Titan cover.  That cost me some dough.  The continued fight this team exhibits is really concerning me if they want to go the distance of 0-16.

Here’s the good news.  Cam Erving is back and he looks as terrible as ever.  In the fourth quarter he was more matador than center as he sort of swiveled out of the way time and time again to allow Kessler to continually get plastered by monstrous Titan defensive linemen.  Kessler got hit so hard on consecutive downs that I thought his mother was going to come down from the stands and take him home.  Frankly, it exhibited bad parenting on her part that she didn’t.  Kessler got hit more times in this game than Tom Brady did in the 2014-15 seasons combined.  The Browns QB job is one of the worst jobs on the planet.  There are guys hauling king crabs out of icy waters off Alaska that watch the Browns games and say “Man, that would really suck.”

The Browns offensive line is a disaster.  Almost everyone is injured, and the majority of those guys weren’t that great to begin with anyway.  I have no idea how Kessler stays alive the rest of the season.  It will descend into a situation for the coaching staff of “which QB can we put on the field and not allow our conscience drive us mad with guilt?”.  Kessler is a pretty gutty little player.  It almost makes me want to look past the fact he can’t throw the ball downfield and by proxy makes all defenses play to defend a 20 yard box.  I’d like him to succeed.  He just doesn’t have the basic tools.  It’s a shame.  Then again, I don’t have the basic tools either and no one is crying over me.

The defense was rather fortunate that they played the Titans today.  This is because the Titans are what is commonly referred to by football analysts as “not good”.  If Marcus Mariota was better, he would have lit up the Browns for about 425 and 5 TDs.  Instead he eventually found open receivers that either had to sit and wait for the ball or dive despite being insanely open.  Mariota still put up a 132 passer rating.  I would get into that statistic a little bit if I understood the passer rating.  I have about the same grasp I do on that as US tax code and basic repair of the Wankel Rotary Engine.

I would like to remark on that hit that Jordan Poyer took.  I haven’t heard an entire stadium simultaneously yell out “Dear God!” at once, so that was new.  That was about as hard as you can possibly get hit playing football.  That also gave Poyer a concussion and a lacerated kidney.  There are crash test dummies that haven’t taken hits that bad before.  Poyer is spending the night in a Nashville hospital.  There are people in intensive care at that hospital spread out with tubes coming out of them whispering to their nurse “Can you tell me if that poor boy is OK?”.  Good Lord was that bad.  At least the Browns got a 15 yard penalty out of it, so look at the bright side!

Well, another loss is in the books.  As we all know, this is all about “developing” players this season.  Hmm…  I am genuinely concerned about the front office.  These Harvard educated analytics whiz kids were supposed to provide unbelievable player selection in both free agency and the draft.  So far they didn’t sign either of the two free agent offensive line starters from last year, which hasn’t worked out.  They drafted a receiver in Round One that can’t get on the field (Coleman), a defensive end/LB (Ogbah) that appears invisible and ready to become Mingo II in Round Two.  Shon Coleman in Round Three hasn’t been able to beat out Austin Pasztor, which seems impossible.  They also passed on Wentz which appears to be a huge mistake.  This idea that they will knock it out of the park in the next draft seems laughable.  It’s not good.

The good news is that we are almost halfway home.  The dreams stays alive at 0-6 and the Browns go on the road to take on the always poorly coached Bengals.  Let’s hope Marvin Lewis doesn’t go too Marvin Lewis next week.  The Bengals should be able to show up and win rather effortlessly if Lewis doesn’t get cute.  We can do this.  

Go Browns.  


-Greg Miller

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