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At 0-8, The Browns Miracle Season Is Halfway There!


The Jets came into town with the full intention of shattering our Magical Dream Season.  This is what the Jets do.  They have reliably crushed the dreams of others for decades.  In my long and complicated history with the Jets, they have failed to come through on expectations almost every single time.  I once lost a staggering amount of money in Las Vegas by betting on the Jets in what was assured to me as being “a lock”.  Instead I watched a pile of my money go up in smoke as they continued to turn the ball over deep in their own territory for no particular reason.  This event left such an impression that it appears in The Whiskey Daredevils first album on “Jesus Walks Beside Me” where Jesus chastises me on a weekend we spent together in Vegas.  “He came right up beside me/And he turned to me and said/I can’t believe you talked me into that/The Jets never cover the spread”.   It was a hard lesson for us both.

The Jets looked about as bad as you can look in the first half.  I was quite fearful that the Magical Season was over.  In most instances when an NFL team takes a 20-7 lead that team wins going away.  The Jets looked hapless.  It wasn’t so much that the Browns looked great, it was that the Jets looked like they had never actually played a football game before and were learning how to play on the fly.  Then they played the second half.   There must have been lots of Jet coaches yelling with veins threatening to pop open at halftime in that locker room.  Things returned to normal and the Browns got shoved around.  I’m really starting to get the feeling that most teams now approach a game with the Browns as almost a bye week, then turn it on at the end to leave with the win.  

One of the things the Browns might want to consider doing is hiring some guys in the secondary that can tackle.  When I watch other NFL games I see safeties delivering brutal hits on opponents.  I’m not even sure who plays safety on the Browns.  If Kirksey doesn’t tackle the running back, that guy is going to run a long way.  Eventually someone on the Browns will get tangled up in his legs and the guy will fall down, but it tends to be almost an accident.  They have such a long way to go on defense it is very difficult to “trust the process”.  Let me say this though…  If “the process” is for the defense to routinely be out of position and not wrap up ball carriers, then I stand corrected.  The Process is working perfectly.

The team no longer has a running game.  It might be because it is now Joe Thomas, draft busts, and some dudes from practice squads doing the blocking.  I saw Cam Erving get tossed into Duke Johnson at one point.  Football might not be the best match for Cam.  With the rookie receivers and Hawkins providing no real threat, Pryor now gets doubled and as a result the offense is pretty tepid.  Let’s be honest about Pryor too.  He’s the Browns best receiver right now, but he’s not as great as everyone wearing a Buckeye cap at BW3 thinks.  He’s a #2 almost anywhere else in the league.  He drops too many balls and makes route running mistakes that lead to disaster.  He really needs Coleman to get back on the field to take some pressure off.

The good news for the Browns is that everyone is focused on the Indians right now and didn’t seem to notice there was a game.  The bad news is that there were about 40,000 no shows.  Even when the Browns were only down one score, the stands were a sea of orange empty seats.  If you sat quietly in Lorain County you could even overhear conversations in the stands.  “Dude?  You want to split?  Yeah.  Fuck this.”  That looked like the 4th preseason game out there.  People are taking this team for granted.  We all need to get re-focused.  Let’s get that World Series trophy back here and get back to business.  We are halfway home at 0-8.  The real Cleveland dream season is still alive.

Go Browns.


-Greg Miller

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