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Weak 13: The Never Ending Pit Of Doom

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In what was a foregone conclusion, the Browns lost again.  At no point did it seem possible that the Browns would or could win the game.  The Browns looked completely outmatched.  This is clearly an issue when the opponent is 5-6 going in.  I would say that the team has hit bottom, but the one thing the Browns have taught us is that there is always a lower point.  It is a never ending pit of doom.  Just when you think, “at last, they have bottomed out and we can begin the task of upward motion”, is when there will be another attention getting fall further down the ladder.  I am not telling you anything you don’t know.  It is hopeless.  The Browns will never win another football game.
Please note that this is not wild talk.  The idea that they will never win again is actually quite sound.  It is certainly a more rational train of thought than the one where the front office completely tore apart an already 3-13 team to “tear it down to build it back up”.  At the point where John W. Football was running around winning what was the last Sunday win for the Browns some 700+ days ago, it would have been a Herculean task to bring the team to respectability.  The decision to further rip that down, while clearly bad, has been made even worse as the Browns have been unable to reliably identify actual NFL caliber players.  What they have done was taken a “huge rebuild” and turned it into a “impossible rebuild”.  They have too far to go with the resources available to them.  That would be assuming they knew what to do with what resources they had at their disposal.  It’s hopeless.
I am not sure what the worst part of the Browns is at this point.  Where does one start if they could try to fix it?  The team has bad players selected by a bad front office enabled by bad ownership.  The bad coaching staff creates ineffective game plans for the subpar players to try to execute.  It boils down to this.  Is Jimmy Haslam worse than Sashi Brown who is worse than Hue Jackson who is worse than the roster?  I’ll be damned if I know.  It is an ever turning Wheel of Shit.  The only thing that is a certainty is that the team will lose each and every Sunday.  That is unless they play on a Thursday or Saturday, in which case they lose there too.  That’s just splitting hairs.  They are so far away from being a competitive team, fans cannot even point to it and dream up easy solutions.  “Well, if we just draft Jimmy Big Dick at QB and sign Malcolm Asskick for linebacker, that will be all we need to go 8-8.”  What are fans supposed to do?  Call up Sports Talk and say, “Hi long time listener, first time caller.  I just wanted to say that I think if the Browns can find somebody that could draft a franchise QB, sign two offensive linemen, get an explosive running back, two receivers, three pass rushers, a linebacker, three defensive backs, a kicker and get a new coach we could maybe win 6 games next year.  I’ll hang up and listen.  Thanks! Love the show!”
I have no idea why I watched that San Diego game.  I suppose I had a morbid curiosity to see how Gordon would play.  The Browns looked like the same team they have since Week 5.  Sunday was all a replay of previous games.  Gordon, a guy that hasn’t played football in three years, was somehow still the Browns best player on the field.  Why the game plan was “Have Kizer chuck it down the field and see if Josh can get it” seems a little short on detail, I don’t know what else they can do.  They refuse to use Duke Johnson correctly.  Njoku just sort of runs around out there.  I am not positive any of the other receivers suited up.  Kizer isn’t good enough to win a game in the NFL.  He just isn’t.  He seems like a nice kid, but this “playing quarterback in the NFL” thing isn’t for him.  He should do something else.  It’s hopeless.
The defense looked like they played well on the stat sheet, but there was never a feeling they could make a big stop.  Frankly, they got lucky that San Diego fizzled out in the Red Zone time after time.  I don’t think the Chargers punted until the fourth quarter.  That’s the only stat you need to know regarding how the defense played.  By the way, it appears that Joey Bosa is good at football.  I don’t recall what shitty guy we drafted instead of Bosa, but that was a mistake.  That Bosa guy is great.  Was the forearm chop to Kizer’s throat illegal and cheap?  Damn straight it was, but if he was a Brown we’d all be laughing it up about it.  Here’s the stat I remember.  I saw Bosa make plays all day while I saw Garrett gimp off the field.  Again.
The Browns come back home to take on the Packers this week.  It’s a tale of two franchises.  Last Sunday, the Packers coaching staff found a way to win despite their shitty inexperienced QB throwing for only 87 yards.  They somehow found a way.  Hue has not been able to find a way.  Hue has not been able to find a way 27 out of 28 times.  Take a look around.  It’s hopeless.
Go Browns.
-Greg Miller

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